How exactly matchmaking works in this game?

Serious question.
Is there any?


Just assume there is no matchmaking.

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I’m pretty sure it’s completely random. It doesn’t consider the class composition at all.

There is matchmaking but i don’t know exactly how it works

It definitely is some calculation of your skill level/damage averages/kd/games played/ and recent performance
If you do poorly several games in a row you’ll be matched up against worse players

All and all it’s not transparent at all
I look up all my enemies ranks after each game and I’m usually playing against plat-gms in unranked games

This is a secret no one knows but ill share with you.

… It doesn’t work.

It’s pretty scuffed

You’re lucky they all say supreme next to them lol

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there is clearly not any matchmaking. It’s full random and even if there are 3 sorc or any other subclass in the que the chances the three of them to be on one team is huge.

It might work but doesn’t make any sense. Having 25-30k damage and 10k received you are considered trash by the means of the matchmaking - making u end up in low tiers ever so often.

On the other side if you go in and feed with 20k/40k and have 5 kills you can play with other good players lol