How Far am I getting scouter?

Give me a estimate of how far you think ill get my scouter, Or should i reroll to DB been playing it alot and i really like it.



Whoh. Probably a long way, you been waiting for this class?

Easy 1480. Just watch out for the average GHL scenario which revolves around 4300 ish.

I honestly hope so

1302 - 1370 = 46k Shards

1370 - 1445 = 540k Shards

Shards will probably fck you over

Leapstones are exactly enough for 1445 average scenario



Nah just kidding

Pretty far

Some mats too many some a bit short but if u juggle around (sell unbound that’s too much, buy what you lack later) 1460 is definitely possible (if rng doesn’t decide to completely f you over.
Also you need at least like 80k raw gold for the honing etc

1460 if ure unlucky i guess otherwise 1470+

But the question is, will you get accepted by Pugs in Valtan/Vykas HM? 50lvl means a lot missing skillpoints and no Tripod level.

hm… goal is 1480 with 21 weapon


ok sure. GL though ^^ all i care is 1475 ffor now. i have morethan enough mats/shards/silver

It’s a transformation class, skill points and tripods don’t matter that much except for transforming faster.


Did y’all pre buy accessories as well?

yeah i bought a couple different accessories in case i have to move things around

Start with 1302 ilvl to +15 and change to 1340 legendary and relic set

Weapon +21
Armor +19 = 1480

(im not using honing % mats) so will be a little less, if you have luck will be more cheap


be sure to save a lotta gold jus tin case

destruction is lacking
maybe to +17-19 weapon
armors can go to +21 i think

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Your stock of Great Honor Leapstone is the weak link in your preparation, you don’t have enough of these

Also im not seeing any fusion material… you need that already ready, if you buy from AH you’ll loose a bunch of money…

Whatever you pick just make sure ur sure youre 100% on it before committing, i know a few people that did the same thing to arcanist on first day then wouldnt shut up about how much they regretted throwing all those resources away lol. Test the waters with the class first and see if u would enjoy playing it on the daily before dropping all the mats in