How has your day been so far

I mean im upset about the situation but want to take the time to gather some information how you guys feel :smiley:

Well, its holiday in Brazil. I havent had too much time to stay home and play. So, I spent the last week just cleaning my schedule and delivering every job in time, just to spend my whole holiday inside playing. Even told my wife that today would be a “teenage like day”, I knew it would be rainning, so I bought snacks and some nice wine and cheese. But I forgot AGS runs the game. So I just stayed home scrolling useless social media.

I’m being thoroughly entertained by the damage control being coordinated by Roxx.

I’ve seen at least like 3 threads disappear in the last 30 seconds.

Make it 4 lol, was reading a thread about a thread being deleted, and that thread was poof’d too

I decided to check in here after a few months off and am now wondering why I did… :sweat_smile:

It’s a holiday here. I cleaned my house, studied a bit, neglected my wife, made 4k and then lost 5k on crypto.

And, of course, shit posted here.