How i can do ? with bots on mm

on this time.i always mm on any challenge even. i see the name looklike bot ex.zsdfsdf and i want to stop this raid but my party dont care and play that’s what i can do on situation like that.

Report them basically. I do not think there is literally any other option.

you can’t finish the challenge guardians 1v1 (or it might take you like 20 minutes)

what you can do is report
and party finder

At least in some content, if you absolutely do not move from the starting place you came in, you can leave without losing anything.

song of escape

Thank you next time I mm with bot again better i song of escape for a good choice

You get some time penalty from abandoning.

I personally like the bots as they still do their part and they don’t bid on the selection cards. I only see them on challenge abyssal.

but you can’t leave the truth it account come from bot if we dont care about’s will break the game in future.

they won’t do anything to the bots, you better accept that. Our player population has increased by 70% in the last week. We have 250k players. Of course, 170k is 180k bots, but with brelsehaza, this population can increase again. As before, they aim to achieve the population they had when the first launch was published. bots can’t be stopped they just chose to attack real players and hold them accountable for their actions but humans are not wrong about that. bots sell so cheaply that it is impossible for people not to make mistakes. everything is very cheap. amazon and smilegate are responsible for letting bots tempt people with price.

That’s because Kakul brought people back to the game. People realized how fun the fight is and are playing the game again.

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