How I think AGS will handle the Deadzone

Since AGS are greedy and are trying to milk the whales I believe we will receive:

  1. Delays to all major content releases such as Valtan
  2. No buff to honong rates(making honing easier)
  3. Limited access to additional sources of materials(we have received an event and a month with pretty good login rewards, but we will not receive the missing content that provides materials such as equalized guardian raid and equalized abyss dungeon)


They will most likely make T1-2 100% and T3 30% like originally planned before beta testers complained that they were making the game too easy

I hope you are right, but I am no longer optimistic.

I hope for the missing content for materials like the equalized guardians, trials and pvp vendor.

Correct me if i’m wrong but the honing changes in korea came after kakul-saydon (1475) right?

So depending on how fast they “really” want us to catch up to korea we might be waiting for it a long time.

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Something’s changing for sure. The roadmap would have been released already otherwise.

I’d bet it’s not going to be a ton of content and honing buffs like people are asking for though.

Yes there is a “deadzone” between 1340 and 1370. This is also month 1 of launch. It’s not comparable with Korea. We have more to do than just simply progress vertically. All of the collections systems, alts to level, skill points to unlock, estate to level.

I don’t understand the, “its only been out for a month” mantra.
They want us to catch up to Korea.
Yet here we are with little to no support(islands are tons of mats, welcome challenge has been good) to catchup and now they are looking at delaying content releases.