How I use this?

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??? I have use it 485 time???
what wrong with this game ? tell me why change tot this way .
I really want to know why!


yes you gotta right click x485 sadly, till they add alt-right click (mass use) to it

Hello! I’ve informed the team that players are unable to use this item in a bundle.

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Ahahahah jesus

Congrats on having so much gold! Also your mouse clicking finger will be ripped after a few weeks…it will be faster and stronger with increased reaction times. Legion raids won’t know what hit them.

This applies to gold coins gotten from rapport too btw

you spam right click it and hope that AGS/SMG does not detect your 500 right clicks as a bot and ban you because bans are too hard reverse. This is genius design

yes cm’s already said the same thing last week and nothing changed

It is kinda disturbing that a CM doesn’t seem to know about this bug that has been in discussion for several weeks now…

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