How I wish the devs would handle content and class release

First off if the devs REALLY wanted new players to reach T3 faster they would simply put in T1 and T2 catch up mechanics. Pretty simple more mats more honing more T3 players. Also discussing pushing back T3 content I think is pretty stupid. Put your pitch forks down and let me explain. First off I understand the reason given is that players are not progressing as fast as they thought but somehow didn’t think that since we didn’t launch with all the classes that their mains that they actually want to progress and invest in are not even in our version of the game? They can watch streamers play their main class but they can’t because we don’t have it for what feels like 0 reason. So of course they are not going to fully commit to grinding on essentially an alt for months waiting for their main they most likely are gonna stop playing and come back. Before anyone says well they would need to rig skins for the classes, well honestly no they don’t I just want my class man (reaper) I do not care for getting a skin on its release I JUST WANT MY CLASS. As for those that might say it would make the gold market weird yeah well timmy that is gonna happen anyways like regardless of how many classes release the engravings and stuff for those classes are gonna sky rocket when its close to their release so if anything it would be better if they all got released at the same time so it would balance out faster. Also why push content back for the players that can do it? Guess what casual players can’t do end game stuff right now because their gear isnt good enough and because it isnt in the game but for the hardcore players and the content creators they CAN do the content you are pushing back but cant because it isnt in the game. It makes no sense to deny those that could do it because some cant do it. They are gonna be progressing towards it either way be it in game or not so why not just launch it and let people enjoy it now while others catch up. “That could support pay to win” sure it could I agree because it could make others feel more inclined to spend to catch up but as I mentioned if they simply added in 1. catch up 2. all classes then the grind to get there becomes less painful cause at least you are on your favorite class and at least you can catch up to tier 3. Just drop all the classes and trickle in the raids please.

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