How important are casual players?

Lets clear the terms first.

By casual players Im talking about players who spends maybe 1-2 hours per day spend about $20 -$30 per month.

I dont think Lost Ark is Casual Player friendly. Not from whats happening with NA/EU but mainly from what I’ve seen on youtube regarding legion raid and people are spening 8-9 hours to clear legion raid.

I know 10% of whales makes up 90% of revenue for Lineage like RPG, but would whales play unpopular game?

I dont think whales would play unpopular game and casual players who only makes up 10% of revenue stream makes up 90% of players.

AGS/Smilegate shouldnt ignore casual players. There wont be any whales left when there arent any casual players left in the game.

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And that’s the thing, Smilegate is aiming to get more and more casual players into the game.
They’re releasing a lot of horizontal content this year and they’re even changing the latest raid to make it easier PUGing it.