How important is class selection?

Hey guys!

While I’m moderating the forums tonight I figured I’d ask a few questions too.

Yes, I’m a CM like Roxx but unlike her, I’m brand new to the game! Eek!! I’ve been reading and watching so many things but I still have a million questions (of course). Current question on my mind…

How important is class selection?

Like I want to be helpful and needed for big group activities, which is why I usually go healer. But I’m also picking up that this game is a bit more open to class choice? Currently have my eye on sharpshooter.


One thing that draws me to this game is the less traditional tank/healer/dps roles

Everyone is basically DPS and support are just there for buffs and minor healing.

No waiting in queue for 20 minutes to find a tank hah


Follow your heart Shadow. Shoot them arrows and watch the enemy fall.

I will be playing a Bard so I will heal you while you legolas :joy:


from everything I have gathered, the most important thing about class selection is finding something you are comfortable playing and enjoy playing. once you start pushing into t3 and upgrading your gear for those new ilvl entry points, the resource cost per upgrade click (and reduced chance of upgrade success) requires huge amounts materials/gold per upgrade. facilitating the need to have decided on a main by this point to really start pushing.
personally I would recomend trying classes that interest you through the t1-t2 contents, and maybe into the very early t3, as having alts in t3, will help with t3 material/resource generation, allowing you to push your decided upon MAIN to higher ilvls
a lot of group content works around class synergies. so it is generally more accepted to bring a diverse group make up, than having all mages for example.
side progression, ie runes, engravings, skill points/potions are what people look for moreso than just plain ilvl when deciding to accept your group application.
the website has a lot of great resources on class builds, side progression paths, and general guides.
there is also the google document written by saintone. v3.4 Saintone's Lost Ark Guide - Google Docs (amazing resource by the way) with a handy table of contents that allows you to jump around for more information if you don’t want to read the whole thing or are looking for specific tips/tricks.
another thing you can do is get to around the lvl 30 mark where it unlocks the trixion area, here you can talk to beatrice to go into a training ground of sorts, that allows you to customize (for free, but only applies to inside the training ground) any of the engravings class builds etc, to give you an example of how that class plays endgame.


If you pick a class for other peoples sake you wont enjoy the game as much. Game plays much better if you play what you like playing.

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Yes!! That’s the vibe I’m getting which has me super excited and yet confused on which class to play haha!

Bwahaha I appreciate that!! I’m also looking at gunslinger. I dunno… something is just pulling me in the ranged direction! I never get to play ranged haha

It’s true! I just hate… I hate picking a tank cause leveling is usually so slow or healer as leveling is usually painful but then I LOVE being needed and getting an easy chance to partake in content. But that is also my days in WoW.

People often ask what class is the best, and honestly the greatest answer to that is

“the one you play which you’re naturally good at”.

I think LOA is the first game I’ve personally been able to play that doesn’t have an emphasis on a “broken” or “overpowered” character. It’s mostly reliant on pilot skill.

With that in mind, if you enjoy a class, you’re likely to perform on it a lot better than if you feel no attachment to it :3

How important is class selection? Not as important as pilot skill and preference.

If you are somehow gifted in them all and you break things down to (Raw) numbers and formulas. You’d want to be a soulfist/soul master who can hit her burst windows every single time. :stuck_out_tongue:

be warned of potential hair loss when spirit bomb misses as the boss moved during its what, 6 second? cast time… lololol

로스트아크 비운의 1티어 캐릭터 #shorts - YouTube Spirit Bomb in a nutshell lol


thank you for sharing that. i laughed so hard

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ROFLMAO that video was perfect ahahahahahahahaaha

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There are alot of guides on this topic as well. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the matter. While yes… i do think there are easier T1 classes or perhaps classes that might have more complicated mechanics. When it comes down to it though… All classes are viable. Just play the one (or two or three… etc) that most resonates with you as a player and have fun with it, Have a good time, and possibly make some new life long friends, while having a kick ass time, along the way. :beers:

A few of the better represented videos i have seen on this topic.

I have been researching for hundreds if not thousands of hours and everything I read leads me back to: pick the class with the play style you like the most AND if appearance is important to you … the armor type you like the most to look at.

Most dps classes are pretty close to one another in terms of dps (except bard and paladin)

So do you like ranged or melee more. If you hate “running out” of melee range for boss mechanics then melee might not be for you.

I personally love the sharpshooter bow type play style. High mobility, flashy spells and huge range distance. Next I love paladin for supporting my group and buffing their damage and because their armor are absolutely the coolest looking. Lastly I like gunlancer because it’s very tanky, gets a lot of shields that let’s you ignore “running out” of boss mechanics a lot.

As you can tell most of my play style (exception of paladin) revolves around not liking melee range mechanics so I do what I can to avoid those classes.

So things like martial artist, shadow hunter, assassin, berserker, these things are all mostly a no go for me

Might try sorceress much later on.

Play the style calling to your inner self because you’ll just reroll by level 30 if you “settle”.

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Deep down you know you want to play Beserker and Hulk smash things with a sword bigger than you.

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For new player if you haven’t played this game in any other version/ CBT then I suggest try all classes. For the first 1 hour do the trial in each class.
I heard from many veteran that having main char is important especially for this T3 release.

So class selection is very important due to having to choose main especially if you have limited time to play per day. however, If you no life this game it is not that important because time is not a problem for you. Hope it make sense :sweat_smile:

Edit: if you want to play to end game support is needed there’s only 2 support class at launch so depend on your goal. If you want to raid and like support class then bard/ Paladin otherwise any DPS should be fine

I say spend a day on a server you don’t intend to play on and make as many characters as u can and feel them out. Then delete them (unless u Intend to sweat it out as fast as u can) I skip all the prolog and don’t worry about quests. Just see how they feel and if they fit.

Some good range to try are:
Sorceress is a range with mega dps. Gunslinger is my girl, she’s hard to learn cause if the switching weapons, but she’s a glass cannon that makes me feel so powerful! You will use more health potions with her. (I hear she also has party buffs)
Soulfist is listed as melee but lots of her attacks have a decent range to them. I was shocked when I played here the range she had!
And I don’t know the boys so I can’t comment on them.

I wanted to be a bard but it took me 1 minute to hear my attacks sounding like a harp to feel like I was playing some weird hello kitty game not a smash kill game… I couldnet do it…

I want to run an artist when they come out, or painter. That slap sound feels way better than a harp to me! Untill then I will slice dice and shoot them up!

I’ve been looking forward to LA’s western release for a good while now. When the game got delayed in the autumn i decided to give it a try in RU.

From my point of view i usually prefer range DPS glasses, usually wizards/mages in games. I gave summoner a go, and bard as they were both the mage glasses going to be available at launch. I enjoyed both, only issue with bard is it is definately slower to get through content (but not painfully slow and i will likely play one to some lvl).

I then had a go at gunslinger as i thought guns that must be ranged? well that turned out not to be the case, it’s very much close/medium and a bit of long range. I also didn’t really get on with the weapon switching, i think that’s probably something to play once you learn the game.

So next i tried sharpshooter and yep that is a true ranged DPS class so if that’s what you like it will suit you well.

As for needed classes, generally from what i’ve seen for end game content people like 1 support + 3 others per group, so that’s one bard/paladin + any other 3. There are some that synergise better than others in the DPS 3 but generally they all work. As it’s more about player skill than the glass or gear for most content. There will obviously at some point be the artist/painter whatever it will be called who might be a 3rd option for the support.

I would just have a go with a few classes and not worry about it till you decide which you like. Alts will all be useful anyway just don’t invest too much gear in any class until you decide.

So much of lost ark unlike most western MMOs use “account” progression, which is a very Korean MMO thing. So alot of the time you invest will progress your account and any whatever becomes your main eventually anyway. eg islands, estate etc.

Her in the west we’re very much trained into “Main” mentality, and yes in LA eventually you will want to concentrate building a main, but there is way more ways to progress your account in general than western MMOs. So relax a bit and enjoy :slight_smile:

Edit i should also say when sorceress was announced and summoner (which is what i was going to start with) got removed i went back and tried sorceress a go and that will be the class i concentrate on as that’s what i usually migrate too anyway and it was great fun.