How is "boosting" defined?

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There have been a lot of posts and discussion about this topic, but I had never seen an official answer. Until just now, while I was typing this entire thing.
So I asked the Amazon Games Support about this, but I feel a bit unsure about the reply. So I would like to get an answer from a GM/CM. A more reliable source, if you will.

In the Terms of Service of Amazon Games regarding Lost Ark it says, that “boosting” is not allowed and will result in a ban.
What exactly does “boosting” mean in this case? What qualifies as “boosting”?
And to be even more specific, if I sell a carry service of any content in the game for inagem gold, is that allowed? Do carries for ingame gold qualify as “boosting”?

For reference:

The just found “official” replies:

Now, even though I have some kind of more reliable proof, the last picture reads, “you should be fine”. That is a very… I don’t like that word. It leaves too much room for interpretation, and you, as in Amazon Games, could just change your mind of it’s meaning to ban someone, because they have been selling carries for ingame gold.

Hoping to get a more clear answer.


Edit: @Stooh

Personally, RMT should be the deciding factor for a ban like they said. However, personally I think they should either allow all of it or none of it. Like with everything they are being very vague and not really addressing the point.

This has been a problem in many MMOs and is now basically the only thing you reliably see in party-finder in this game and most other games, even a more casual MMO like GW2 has this issue. If they want party-finder to be used outside of bought carries then they should full stop ban anyone who carries for gold, cause normally that gold ends up being used for RMT purposes anyway. Or the RMT’ers are the ones carrying because they have much better gear to do so. If they are fine with the practice of selling/buying carries with in-game gold they should make a separate category literally only to carry (Kind of like a mentor system from other MMOs) and stop walking a tight rope edge like every game does. It just causes conflict and issues down the line. Not to mention leads to miscommunication by devs and arbitrary enforcement of arbitrary rules

Some devs look at carrying as just people helping people and ignore the issues it causes. Some devs don’t have any issue with it. While some devs don’t want it happening at all. You really do end up with just the luck of the draw with whatever dev you happen to flag down like in WoW. Some are helpful, some want to be helpful, and some are too vague to be helpful.

There’s a lot of definition of “boosting”.

Take in account that if you “help”, “carry”, “boost” someone versus IN-GAME Items/Currency/Whatever you are fine as the CM said in the post you have already read.

RMT is unallowed. In any form.

EDIT: To answer about the support, I’m sorry to said that these guys have no clue of what they are saying, they just read Code of Conduct / Terms of Service, CTRL+F “boosting” and it looks like if you ask them “Can I boost someone for gold”, they think that they will trade you “gold” in real life, because they don’t play the game and don’t know what we call “gold” (for french support, it’s like this, looks like you found someone who understand what’s “gold”).

Carries for gold is a huge part of Lost Ark Korea and the flow of the game and economy but it’s a gray area where it’s not exactly against TOS so they are likely choosing to not support it by adding a ‘carry’ section but still allowing it to happen. Accept it cuz it is what it is.