How is bussing still allowed after 13 months?

Paying USD to be bussed (or boosted) is extremely toxic in all video games, especially MMOs.

How are bussers allowed to operate still after 13 months? How are the clowns at AGS and SG so greedy and short-sighted that they allow these whales to slowly warp and kill the entire player base?

Too many static groups have broken up because players (greedily) start driving the bus or (lazily) start riding it.

Many of these bus drivers used RMT to gain this snowballing advantage. If you ban bus drivers you simultaneously would ban most RMT buyers.

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Busing is never going to be banned. Sooner you realize this and stop thinking about it, the sooner you can either quit the game or not have bussing bother you. Bussing has essentially been a part of online gaming for a long time now (not just LA).

If there is a demand for a service, then someone can easily create a supply for that demand.


they prob getting banned the same time gold sellers in party finder gets banned and its prob the same reason both arent banned yet even tho they are against tos.




It is banned in WoW. It is banned in League.

It is banned in any popular game when USD gets involved.

The problem in Lost Ark is who is doing the bussing – Whales. The same players who only get slapped on the wrist for buying millions of bot farmed gold. These players are effectively “above the law” having purchased so many Royal Crystals, and they will never be nerfed or have their incomes reduced.

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:clown_face: whales do bussing xdd whales are the ones buying busses and thats why bussers get rich cause whales pay premium

people who RMT/whale most likely to buy high end busses but whales are most likely not going to drive…

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LMFAO you can literally swipe for gold on wow and buy a carry, loot or the mount of any endgame raid but you literally taking about shit you don’t even have any idea.


You would be extremely naive to believe that bus drivers who started operating 10 months ago reached their ilvl through shop purchases when there were 400k bots online.

Baby whales and bus riders are much more likely to buy gold from the shop. Bus drivers are much more likely to buy RMT, as it takes a considerable amount of gold to have reached this power. And it is easy for them to have convinced themselves to buy so much RMT, as the investment would pay for itself with increased gold income (less future swiping).

If you don’t believe this, you weren’t in a top guild for the first 6 months as this was commonly discussed.

when USD is involved its also not allowed here. But with gold no prob

Half of the player base being bots would like to have a word with you. Their gold purchased is with USD outside of the Royal Crystal system.

lmao ofc I’m aware of that. but barrier to entry for bussing (valtan hm solo), brel 1-4 4c4, semi afk clown not that high and most people who rmted high usually don’t bus for gold

don’t need to have rmted early to bus most content outside of 2c6 brel 5-6


Yes it’s easy to reach bus driving power now that 13 months have passed and everyone has quit.

The players who were bussing 10 months ago, and continued to bus, are another story. These players had an army of bots farming on their behalf to have an entire roster of drive-worthy characters during Argos, Valtan and Vykas releases.

Not only did they personally buy millions of RMT to begin bussing but charged gold for their services. This double dipping increased the bots by a large factor, when RMT was at it’s peak.

those players burned out early. people who religiously bus nowadays are gold grinders and if they had the option to RMT gold they wouldn’t bus so religiously

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You anti-bus kids are so selfish and inconsiderate. Unlike most games, side content is literally hard locked behind raids in LA and therefor unavailable to side content enjoyers without busses to get them to the req ilvl to bypass the raids. Stop only thinking of yourselves and if you think that they should quit if they don’t like doing raids, then you should quit because of their opinion as you think they should for yours. Idk why these posts keep popping up…

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You should look at bussing as a niche specialization for gold earning, one of many in the game.

Some others include trade skills and selling fusion mats, battle items or raw materials, market flipping and dunno, farming tradeable mats to sell.

I can also come up with many others such things, which would probably prosper if we had enough of players.

Things like stronghold design come to mind, investment banking also.

Not allowing such creative ways of earning money would severely impact our playerbase. For bussing, both the bussers and the clients would probably leave the game if it was banned.

Besides, there are much easier ways of earning gold in game than that. Im sure you understand that. If you dont, well, try it xD

Who do you think is buying the current RMT gold? Bus riders ride at a profit, and don’t need to buy high-end gear. Bus drivers, on the other hand, need much more gold investment.

Someone who starts driving a bus now doesn’t even matter – the game is already dead and beyond revival. Killed by the players who started bussing 12 months ago. It should have been nipped in the bud a long time ago. It’s why we are posting here instead of grinding on reset day.

??? bus riders are not riding at a profit for busses that actually involve rmt. All the buses below clown do not need bus drivers to buy rmt gold for the gold investment LMAO

Bus drivers earned 50k gold week 1 brel 1-4, 30-50k gold brel 1-4 week 2 + 30-50k gold 5-6, 25-40k gold week 3, … now down to about 15k gold for 1-4 + 10-15k gold for 5-6.

Who bought those clown + brel busses??? which are way more pricey than the gold value. That’s where the RMT is you’re a bit out of touch

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Arguing that bus driving and RMT do not go hand-in-hand is intellectually dishonest. They obviously do, in many ways.

It’s only a belief that a naive bus driver, or actual RMT buyer, would have.

you literally have no argument other than claiming you need to RMT to be able to bus

the barrier to entry to drive almost all content isn’t that high especially for your argument of the busses where riders profit from the busses. You think vykas hm, argos 2p, valtan normal solo needs RMT??? at this point in the game???

I wonder if you’re talking out of envy in that every bus driver you see is decked out on gear. But I don’t think you realize how much gold they earn per week.

I bussed vykas hm 4p 2nd week of release with 1460-1465 characters at 4x3. I stopped afterwards but people who bussed with me then and continued bussing probably have multiple sets of full level 10 gems by now


The Clown and Brelshaza busses that require you to contact the players via discord, outside of game channels?

Surely there is no RMT involvement here.