How is EUW even remotely sustainable? What is the actual plan for the people playing there?

We get two server “busy” and every night I see if there is anyone creating lobbies and at 21:00 CET I am lucky to see maybe 2 or 3 T1-T2 guardian raids and abyssal dungeons.

Can you please give us more information what the plan is in regards to this region? Will we be able to transfer our characters once EUC settles down or will our character forever be doomed with hardly anyone to play with?

I think, this region will be finish with all the players in 2-3 servers full of players merging servers.

But there are some long time players, there are to much players of EUC that comes to EUW and stay playing there because they can enter when they want without queue and the MM works smoothly.

But no one knows about the future plans of Amazon. Right now they have other problems to resolve before thinking on this.

It will fix itself in time.
The largest % of no-lifers rush to endgame people went on EUC and didn’t move from there (at least judging by the amount of complaining on the forums).
Normal players will fill EUW over time and there will be a healthy endgame population in both regions, imho.

The game came out what? 2 weeks ago? 15 days?


Do you really expect to see a cross region trasfer when they are unable to do cross server transfer.

Well yeah you are correct and technically EUW has only been around a week.

I’ve not had any problem getting groups for the tier I guardian raids.

Yeah there are probably way fewer people rushing through content on EUW, so the T2 and T3 will be slower but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It’s been open for a week. The hardcore rushers mostly didn’t move. You have a more casual base on EUW, and I would guess most of it isn’t 50 yet.

There is no plan. They will just expect you to give up your characters and everything you paid for a second time and move back to EUC.

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Prime time EUW status: 3 servers “busy”. 18 total guardian, chaos and abyssal dungeon lobbies.

Primetime EUC status: 19 servers “busy”. 51 total guardian raid level 1 lobbies.

Please AGS be honest and tell EUW players if we are wasting our time playing on EUW or if you have plans for the future.

this is incredible…

Majority if EU players aren’t done with the MQ to be able to do raids. Just give it a week or two and you will see that more raids will be done. That’s the ting with “hardcore” players is that they rush to the end game as quickly as possible, then complain about there not being enough people do to that content with.

Majority of HC players are in EUC, because they don’t want to move to EUW and start all over again. There are of course a few HC players in EUW as well, but nowhere near the amount as in EUC.

So just be patient and let people catch up, and you will see that more people will start queueing for end game content. I myself haven’t started raiding yet, I’m waiting for a friend of mine to catch up so that we can experience the raids together. In the meantime I will focus on Chaos Dungeon, dailies and collectibles, as well as level up a third alt to help with funneling mats. :slight_smile:

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lemme tell u the plan of amazon well there’s no have any plan they decide , only plan they thinking is sell more founder pack and try to see how many main player playing that game ,thats they thinking and planing right now other issues ,server problems ,mm shits ,euw low pop ,they dont give a shit ,thats the amazon ,thats the amazon aka the que master aka ‘‘QUEARK’’ …

Best solution is region transfer. Is that in development? Maybe. Is that even possible? Maybe.

They have no definite answer as always.

But it will only fix itself in time because of the shitty servers not because they dont like the game. And that is just sad.

What if it doesn’t fill itself? What if most people quit after the hype dies down? Does AGS/Smilegate have a plan for that or are they just going to be like “MEH” as always?

There will also be people playing less over time naturally, not only because they “don’t like the game”, but because they are playing other games as well. Not everyone is a “one game hardcore maxmaxmax at a time” type player … people start MMOs that way and then most normal players settle into a much more limited play schedule over time, which eases congestion naturally without people “leaving the game” permanently.

I suspect we will see some of that this weekend with Elden Ring releasing in a few hours. Lots of people who are playing LA will be playing ER. They won’t “quit” LA for it, but they will be spending less time in LA because of ER. That’s fine, and it’s good, and it alleviates congestion, and it doesn’t mean people “don’t like the game” or anything like that, it just means there’s more than one good new release game available to play.

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I gave it a try for euw for the second time, because i was unable to log to the euc for the whole week because of insane que, after 4 days i am 40 lvl, just because i dont want to rush like i did before, doing all side quest, adventure tomes, mokokos, i saw many people doing same things like me, thats why nobody runs t2 guardians/abyss. I guess many people just chiling game and waiting if they gonna do something about euc.


I mean it makes perfect sense that the percentage of people doing hardcore rush style in EUW would be very small compared to EUC, especially since most of the EUC hardcores aren’t moving.

I give Neria a week. After this i will restart on Theamine (empty euc server) without “boost” or restart from scrap on euw taking login boosts and powerpasses…

  1. Overall EUC’s population is about 4 times the population of EUW (I found the figure in an article about Lost Ark where Amazon commented that EUW is "just under 20% of Europe’s playerbase and growing).

  2. EUC players are a week if not more ahead in progression depending on the server (founder servers which are the most populated are the furthest ahead so it makes the disparity even bigger).

Combine these 2 things and you have the answer for why there aren’t that many lobbies, and there never will be as many lobbies on EUW as on EUC, it’s just not possible because of the difference in population numbers, it should improve in time when more people start reaching end game but it won’t reach EUC numbers.

You guys got it good. For EUC players it’s not even possible to play dungeons solo most of the time. You should feel lucky, I wish I wasn’t that far yet or else I would have switched to EUW.