How is front/back indicators on bosses not an option in the NA/EU version?


In this video, linked through a friendly Korean player on reddit, you can clearly see there’s an option for front/back indicators on bosses. Yet, combing through the in-game settings it is nowhere to be found. If I’m simply missing it, I’d greatly appreciate the help - and if not, is there any chance that this can be implemented into our version? It seems incredibly helpful. Thanks.




The bosses are like ten feet tall - I mean, do you really need an arrow to tell what way they are facing?

bump, pls give

there are a LOT of bosses (esp. end of T2 and T3) that are kinda small or human-like or just have weird shapes that make it super hard to identify front and back, esp. when 8 people go nuts on them (even with effects turned off).

we DEFO want those indicators ASAP!!!

and the second thing we want is the interface that gives you an overview of what you have completed for the day/week and which also allows entry to chaos-dungeons etc from everywhere!

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I need this too, why no devs answer?

because we have some old version of lost ark with patched in new content. lots of other things are missing too in our botched version