How is lancemaster in PvP?

Hey guys,

i switched my main from blade to lancer. Ive played a lot of 3v3 on my blade before and did pretty well and yes, I know it’s beginner friendly and there a lot of posts here the class is op, but i suck so super hard on lancemaster, im going crazy. She feels so unprotected. Everytime i want to engage i get ccd to death. I feel like i cant neither make plays for my team nor dealing dmg.

Ive heard before that this class is really good in pvp but it feels so unprotected and everytime im charging red dragon horn on an enemy without roll im getting ccd by annother opponent.

Am i missing something? Is lancemaster bad in pvp or does the class has such a high skillcap compared to blade and im just much worse than I thought?

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anything will feel that way after db because db is by far the easiest class to play in pvp


That’s cause you played a broken class lol


Welcome to the real game, bud.


But is lancemaster good or not? Google only tells me that she’s harder to play after the super armor was removed from her stun and some say she sucks after that and some say she still good but only if you are a master of the class. Just hating on db doesn’t help. I’m looking for some input from somebody that knows more about lancemaster, not just db haters

She is much harder to play compared to DB, and your damage basically comes from 2 main abilities and if you miss them often her damage feels low. You have to be careful with your engages and pay close attention to what enemies are using so you wont end up interrupted and chained. She has quite good mobility so you can dance around most of the classes. Also learn how to use you counter efficiency because it will help you a lot to land you abilities and stop enemy attacks. In my opinion she is decent just she has higher skill cap than most of the classes.

If you enjoy playing her then just practice and experiment with different builds. Also try some TE matches in my opinion they are very helpful in order to see how effective you are against different classes which help later on with your judgement on when to engage or kite and etc.

Have fun and good luck mate

Edit: i am playing mainly zerk and sh, but also made glaivier to test her out , she feels much harder than both, my first 20 matches were disaster and i am still bad with her , but i am getting better learning when to slap how to engage and disengage… Its a fun class , just practise and patience


Alright, thank you. That’s the kind of reply I was looking for. Unfortunately I’m missing the red dmg skill a lot, feel like it takes forever to charge and since I only have one other real dmg skill like you said the enemies always keep their roll until I start charging it. But yes, I will try to practice more and master her, but feels like a tough task.

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Lance master is incredibly strong and fun to play
Just practice non stop you will love it

High mobility
Somewhat tanky
High dmg potential
And she’s hawt uwu

It is supposed to be an S class just like the Scout or the Bard, but at least in SA they are all very bad except some, whom I consider prodigies, for the moment I am comfortable with my kenichi smith: american ninja deadeye, until get Ironman punisher from Aliexpress (Scout).
Psdt: Destroyer is a C class.

According to the Koreans it is an S next to the DB and demonic.

? S tier korea? umm no lol. Maybe prenerf like a year ago. She is B tier now, but EU/NA will probs put her in s tier.

She does insane dmg when you learn to aim her skills well. She is a counter to a lot of classes people usually have problems against like DB/GS.

scouter is worst tier because it got hit 2 times with nerfs. befpre that it was super god tier now its just trash

They say the same with the Dead Eye and I still kill people with it, it will be like having an improved Deadeye, I want the blood of demons and DB to run when using the ironman mode.

compare to db every class is trash

Well if u got the skill to play db u prob will get used to Lancemaster pretty easily. Hardest part will be knowing when to switch forms since red is will turn you into a sitting duck if you aren’t aware how to use it.

Strong essentially a striker/DB in one.

well she is considered a lower tier than both lol. But she is good, im liking it a lot.

I feel ya man. I’m in the same boat, but I have to admit I am a little confused about the SA thing.

DB main and I know I’ve been spoiled. But here’s the thing - I also have played a LOT of PvP with demon and zerk, and they don’t feel as susceptible to CC as Glaive.

Going from DB to zerk/demon was like “Whoa… this is different and will take some getting used to. DB is pretty easy, I have to admit”. But, after a week or so both of those classes felt fine. I’m able to comfortably engage, I’ve learned when is optimal and I don’t feel overwhelmed by CC. I’m able to contribute and even carry with both of those classes.

Then I played glaive and I’m just like… wait, what?! I cannot function on this class whatsoever, it feels like a CC magnet compared to the other 3, especially DB (for obvious reasons). I know it’s not bad, but it feels horrible. I’ve honestly never even had one in my matches, on either team, who does well, and I’m assuming that’s because it’s new.

Is there any good KR/RU streamers I can watch to get some ideas? I can’t really find much in the way of PvP videos for glaivier like I can for some other classes, but I know I need to watch something because I’m obviously doing something horribly wrong.

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Glaivier is one of those classes that has nothing where you can brute force yourself into a fight. It’s all up to how well you know the game and how well you can maneuver around everyone’s abilities and counter them using your kit. Unlike the other classes, it’s all about avoiding, baiting and countering at the right time. It’s a class that requires good knowledge of all the other classes.


So “Git gud” basically lol

Well that’s fine. I guess I’ll keep practicing. It definitely is a change of direction from the other 3, but it’s a lot of fun.