How is not this an auto-ban in the next sec?

Those tier 1 jwls sure got something special going with them :sweat_smile:

because even though you might know its rmt you cant prove the reason why someone places something so expensive and somebody buys it. you litterally have no proof and you cant just go around banning people from an assumption. im allowed to place an item for as expensive as i want and if someone even for being funny or for a video wants to buy it they are allowed to and you have no proof why

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Burden of proof

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The logs can track who the buyer and seller are. If it’s coming from a seller that has a history of selling or trading large amounts of gold, then this is an easy ban.

For those people that think doing this is safe because it doesn’t show in the logs, you are wrong. A ban wave will surely come very soon targeting the market

look at all these funny people buying expensive stuff for memes

You can list something for whatever you want, but when hjfl822XKJNKfjf buys a T1 ring from you for 1.5 million gold there is a real good chance your account will be permanently flagged and eventually actioned against.

Yes but the action is a slap on the wrist or else RMT wouldnt be so rampant

Well yeah,

Amazon doesn’t want to lose the players willing to spend money forever, they just want you to buy their overpriced gold as opposed to the RMTs :rofl:

The logic being if they just give you a warning maybe next time you’ll buy from them instead.


Terrible management if thats the case. Astonishing.

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This isn’t a public court. AGS can do whatever they want. This is a private entertainment program. When people get auto banned (as seen in the Support sections of this forum) the burden suddenly goes to the user and AGS doesn’t have to provide any sort of proof. And if you provide enough proof that you weren’t in the wrong, they’ll let you back in (there are also more than a few posts of this, where AGS was in the wrong).

Of course, you don’t get any compensation for being banned for days/weeks. But neither did the people stuck on infinite South Vern loading screens for days.

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I think RMT is bad but this is copium.

People aren’t even getting banned for receiving gold through mail.

no need for ban just remove the gold. its clearly irregular gold income so just remove the gold automatically and its done. nobody cares.
everybody knows its rmt no need to have evidence , gold that isnt deserved isnt deserved.

This the real answer lol