How is striker?

Wondering peoples opinions so far on the class is all :slight_smile:

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It’s my Main so I love it. I love the class theme and the playstyle as well. I’m no stranger to the building resources and then spending them type classes (WW Monk in WoW).

It’s nice, you really feel the impacts, very good synergy, my only problem is on the theme : 80% of the skills are kicks, uses fist weapons :person_shrugging:


Saving all that energy for his big skills :stuck_out_tongue:

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A lot of fun. I’m still leveling but the skills feel satisfying and love the comboing aspect so far.

Can’t wait to try it out in full once I hit 50.

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I may try one as my first or maybe second alt. Too many classes I want to try out…

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I’m enjoying the Striker so far. Trying to decide if he’s going to be my main or not. Made a Deathblade before him that’s also really fun.

I thought I would main striker but turns out I like ranged classes more! Striker looks cool though

I like it a lot. I like the fast attacks and booms. You can feel it hit.

Cool as Fck and even though at Endgame poll KR 20,000 players it came dead last wanted class in Party

yea striker will be my main. the gameplay is very satisfying. I specced most of my skills into aoe damage improvement. i just wrangle up a bunch and aoe like a monster.

an additional side effect i didnt expect is that the survivability is pretty nice so far. it seems like i dont take as much damage as other classes like sorc or gunslinger…

What do they offer as far as party utility goes?

They actually offer one of the best debuffs in the game which is an 18% crit debuff which you can time with your parties big skills.

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only thing stopping me from maining it is demon hunter.

im gonna test it next once live again :smiley:

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It feels great to play.
One thing ppl need to keep in mind and why in Korea is not as popular is that almost all skills are “back attacks”. Making it the hardest class in terms of maintaining positional attacks.

free win class in pvp striker mains dont ever play pve because they class is created just to abuse pvp

wardancer’s debuff is better and wardancer also has a huge party buff, so no reason to take striker over wardancer

I main striker, I really like it but it’s a sweaty class. You have to be in position (behind target) and spam skills to get esoteric abilitys up. Crit debuff and empty your meter, build up again fast and used the other esoteric skill. You have to be quick and need 1000 specialisation (that’s for deathblow build) so you can get off both the esoteric abilities while the debuff is still up. Its a hard work build but it makes your esoteric abilities hit as hard as your ultimate.

high apm and back dmg dependent.
works well still tho. depends on the player and their mastery of the class.