How is striker?

more importantly booba :^)

Both Striker and Wardancer has the same debuff, Crit Resistance -18% (with Tripod) on hit with Lightning Whisper (Striker) and Roar of Courage (Wardancer). So there is no such thing that Wardancer debuff is better than Striker.

As for party buff, Striker offers 8% attack speed and Wardancer offers 16% Movespeed and 8% attack speed. The catch is Striker’s both party buff and debuff comes from 1 single skill, Lightning Whisper, while Wardancer needs to use Wind’s Whisper for party buff and Roar of Courage for debuff. Thus, Striker can freely slot another skill for dps or orb generating.


Bad if you care about performance. It scales well, but if you want to have fun until 1385 + then don’t play it. It’s a fun class but gets outperformed by everyone till very very very very lategame AKA until relic gear is out which isn’t even in the game at the moment.

As for fun? Eh. 1 vs 1 it’s god tier but no rewards. 3 vs 3 it’s F tier cause you rely on combos and nobody will ever let you pull a combo off and your damage is sub par and everyone just spams deathblade and that’s your biggest counter so you’re basically countered 90 % of the PvP games you play.

This is a harsh truth for all striker players unfortunately. It’s a really cool class that feels nice to play in isolation, but the moment you compare it to everything else on our server you kinda start feeling bad for your choice.

I was really hoping for some buffs from Korea or a small rework to make the early game more manageable until we get relic gear, but because it’s so strong in korea we just gotta grind through it unfortunately. But hey, apparently it’s one of the strongest PvE classes once we get relic gear after the nerfs so we got that going on.

The class is definitely more fun to play than all the other classes in my experience, but get ready for a lotta frustration till you get stronger.

to every new player what want start playing this game. DONT TAKE STRIKER. PvE Trash. PvP3v3 TRASH PVP 1v1 is good but some other class are much more better. i say that after 1100 hours.

It’s a fun class to play, but not the best DPS out there. I’m running Esoteric Flurry and it’s a really fun route.

I agree … and I literally started the game with my first character as Striker.

People were zooming past me saying everything was easy. Meanwhile I didn’t realize I’d been playing on “hard mode” until I reached T2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun as hell with large potential for outplays. I just got to t3 with my Striker alt and i’ve been getting MVP on scorpion every day this week, out-dpsing people 20-40ilvls higher than me. And apparently, they only get stronger as the game goes on, so looking forward to true end-game with him.

It is pretty cool, fun and smooth to play. I just started alt striker 460.

Its my main and its so enjoyable for me, but you have to equip good stats to feel the diference of damage at the end game

Have 3 main alts (1340+) and Striker is one of them. I enjoy the playstyle. I personally prefer my striker over some of the other alts I’ve made and since stopped playing - Arti/Glavier/Soulfist.

daethblow = melee surge playstyle of building stacks and unleashing it on one skill

little more difficult to play than surge tho, with like 60% of the dps of surge.

EF is the more fun build that wrecks in chaos dungeons and does 50% of surge dmg