How is the Argos update in any way shape or form ok?

in what world is it ok for a game to keep you from released content for maybe months because “its a marathon” this is bad game design and people who defend this are clueless about it.

Imagine logging in everyday doing all dailys, doing everything you can do AND still have to wait weeks to months to access the latest and greatest. why isn’t it respecting my time and letting me play the most fun raid yet? This feels like pure pay 2 play.

I know people already gonne be commenting “but im already 1370 and my mothers mother is 1370 and i haven’t payed a dime”. You are in the minority talking like 0.01% of players. No i don’t want to collect mokokos for a month or grind rep because i cant access the new raid.


Who cares. The content is going to always be there. It’s not disappearing after a month.

Just gotta probably deal with the elitists who do clear it and don’t want your ass because you haven’t cleared which is typical for MMOs.


The game isn’t “keeping you” from anything, you simply haven’t progressed far enough to access the raid lmao


Ok genuinely how is that an argument. Its new content RELEASED its suppose to be playable by at least the majority of people. it’s like people being stuck in wow 9.1 and some are 9.2 and blizzard says the patch not going anywhere

Doesn’t bother me in the least. This isn’t a shooter to me, I’m going to be playing for a long time and I look forward to progressing my character over time. The content will still be there when I get there.

Almost 580 now!

why havent i progressed enough

Are you 1370?

I really don’t get the pressure people seem to feel. I remember being so jealous of guilds doing BWL when we were still stuck in MC. Didn’t take my excitement away when we finally got there.


Sounds like you are suffering from FOMO.

I personally could care less that I won’t be getting to this content immediately. Also don’t understand why I wouldn’t be ok with more content.

My mothers item level is none of your business btw. :grin:

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That’s your assumption on what a release is. My assumption is they released this raid early so the losers who rushed to 1370 have something to do so they don’t need to come to forums and cry about how they have nothing to do. And the rest of us bums have something to look forward to when we get there.

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People get so nuanced over this stuff. The developers / publishers have to have something to do for all player groups. More content is very rarely a bad thing. There will always be someone that is further along than you.

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There is a lot of stuff to do in the game, relax. You’re only 1370 if you paid real life money or farmed a ton of gold. You’ll get there eventually, the content isn’t going anywhere. Plus you can’t even sell the gear from the raid, which basically nullifies all the people who rushed who thought they would make a ton of money.

But guys please understand I’m playing the game every day I’m 1330, I do my dailys I do my islands. I enjoy weeklys a lot more than dailys. I know It’s not going anywhere but its really just so weird. what other games give out patches that you can’t even touch for weeks?
the main problem is also, you almost 100% have to pay to reach that how is that not pay to play? I’m not stressed out I dont have fomo.

I just want to play the new content which is the coolest content we have gotten so far and not wait a month its really that simple.

also check this video no other region had to deal with that type of stuff

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Tbf, they were intending to start with just T2 but changed their mind last second, I disagree strongly with launching with T3 right away and it can really be argued they’re trying to push people into mari.

Another post saying the same q-q

Because its a real issue. unlike people complaining why they can’t have sexy clothes and slutmog

I don’t see it as a real issue tbh, but i get that many ppl are mad cuz of this i do understand why you guys mad, you guys can’t see a kid playing with a brand new toy cuz you guys want to play with it too even if you guys didn’t put the same amount of hours working for that toy, to me it’s good that tryhards can try new content before casuals, thats how it should be (TO ME) they 100% deserve it cuz they pushed to be able to play it at day 1

I love how you assume that that I’m not putting in hours. you seem to misunderstand. YOU can tryhard your ass off and never reach 1370. Your comment proves that you are clueless

I’m not saying you are not playing a lot, im saying there are ppl who play smarter and play more, they deserve to play it at day 1. Thats all, that kind of players deserve a reward too, Not just the casuals, the casuals already got the nerfs they wanted.