How is the stun mechanic supposed to actually work?

I am playing berserker and im following the guides and running the same 8 skills as everyone else. And most games im stunlocked. I have 3-4 skills with paralysis immunity that seem to do nothing to stop me from being stunned. I use my ult and my awakening to try to break stunlocks and my opponents seem to counter it and stun lock me more. I spend most of the game stuck in place or being juggled up in the air unable to move. And then when i do find a timing to jump away, another ranged attack stuns me again and starts the cycle over. I get the bar above my head that shows im supposed to be immune, but when i get it im mid-air and being juggled and it doesnt seem to do anything to allow me to play the game.

So I guess my question is how is the stun mechanic supposed to work? how are parlysis immunity and cc breaks like supposed to play? because right now none of it seems like its working.

Watch this very helpful video by Lin he explains how all cc works in pvp.


That was a good resource. Ty for sharing it.

Hey mate,

Zerker main here. I would suggest you to watch this video also. It explains well enough the combos which you should master.

Also dont be afraid to experiment a bit with the abilities, i personally dont use mountain because i am not very effective with it , instead i use hazard for extended cc which allows my teammates to follow up .

Hope thats helpfull, good luck and have fun!

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Thank you. I will check it out!

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my pleasure, if i can be helpful with anything dont hesitate to drop me a PM. Good luck !

a fellow Berserker here, ty for sharing the videos, I´ll have a look at them!

( a bit tired of being insta stunned by DB´s xd )

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playing against DB as zerker is not easy at all, i would advice you to learn DBs abilities, and also use your t2 SA wisely. here is good video which explains well enough how DB work

how to counter DB

Hope it helps.

Edit: Might also consider switching Diving Slash with Maelstrom for additional t2 SA at the cost of a bit mobility.

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Nice! thx bro

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one more tip when you fight DB , try to keep track of when their stun (t3 CC) is up, its has 18s CD if i remember correctly and the basic idea is to try to avoid their engage as much as possible then CC and zerk them(i know it sounds easier than it is) .

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Well, I am diamond since week 1 in ranked. After playing regularly each week, I am certain of one fact: Deathblade is insanely good in PVP.

The amount of effort you need to put in order to predict and react to her kit is out of their minds. People insulting other people for calling out just #facts is just what I would expect from this world in 2022.

Something must be done with that class.