How is the survivability of scouter?

So how he is ?

Mobile, huge shield, and huge shield uptime. (If you play Legacy build)

If you play Arthetine Technology (drone build) you’ll be squishier, since you don’t have the shield from transformation as often.

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no i want to play the legacy build !

Ok thanks for the information my friend, hope he come in june !

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You and me both buddy :grin:

How is the stats i should focus ? Specialisation like the demonist ?

Specialisation first, crit on the side

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and i need only two gem level max to up the cooldown of the transformation and damage ?

Yeps, 1 gem for damage increase, 1 gem for cooldown reduction, both for Hyper Sync

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So it’s like a shadowhunter pretty much?

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Yes, but cooler.

And with lasers.


Yeah, I watched the gameplay, seems just like a different visual identity, but the same thing.

Use normal abilities to transform, do damage while transformed, repeat.

Except that this is a ranged class, with drone micromanagement

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