How is your Blue/Royal Crystal marked doing?

This is the current economy of B/R Crystals on Zinnervale EUC

I’m just curious , what is the current situation on different servers , and how different they are ?

This is NA EAST

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Fluctuating between 570-630 for NAW Valtan. Market prices (engravings) are still very high in price. Grudge 15.5k, keen 8.3k, cursed 7k. How is your engraving prices? Are they lower? Higher?

NA West was initially like that, but we are back to 580g wall

I can understand Grudge 8k or max 10k for grudge at this point in-game but 15k is a lil bit high …

grudge is 20k on NA east

EUW :slight_smile:

Interesting. Somewhat lower. I think your exchange is possibly high because some people are swiping. Would like to see after this update if it drops down again. Engravings definitely will drop due to bridge. (or maybe higher? if people are rapidly buying?)

AGS need to work on server merge solution with SG or EU servers are gona get pretty dry .
We have no queue on Zinnervale EUC atm .
We have a lot of bots also but I lost over 50 people in my friend list …mby 2-3 of them still playing …

So how does the Blue Crystal marked work ? Why is it inflating ?
Sry I’m not good with the numbers and the economy …more of a physical skill type :monkey:

Yet another jump on my server over 100 Gold in 3 days :smiley: