How large will the Firepower buff be for Artillerist?

Hey guys, main Arti here

I’ve done some rough calculations, but after patch we’re looking at a pretty sizeable buff to firepower artis (Crit swift), alongside with the tripod changes where we will get lv5 tripods (currently full lv4), i think I’m looking at a 30-33% increase in DPS !

If anyone wants to enlighten me a bit more, because I’m still figuring out how much the DPS will increase going from the old to the new firepower system

Have a blessed day !

If im right, and listened to some streamer arti is 4-5% dmg buff what the balance patch gives.

Yes there’s a raw damage increase, then a bunch of skills are getting buffed and then there’s the firepower giving raw damage (and staying at max stack) instead of Crit chance and cycling back to zero after 20s of max stack
So all in all it’s much bigger than just the 5%

So, what is the new meta 4x3 and 5x3 for artillerist now after the patch? The reason inask is i had a 1430 artillerist at the time when it was announced and he is still sitting there. I havent really followed what the changes were supposed to be. Thanks

Barrage will still be the higher dmg output of the artillerist builds. Grudge, Hit Master, Adrenaline, Keen Blunt, AoA, Cursed Doll are all viable engravings. AoA will make your barrage skills quicker to use and therefore easier to get in and out of.

Of course, barrage is the higher DPS one
But firepower is so much easier to play and the DPS ceiling is easily achievable, giving me the option to dedicate more brain power to the mechanics during a raid :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends, do you want firepower or barrage mode ?
One is easier to play and less expensive, but does less damage
The other is mega Chad damage, but way more expensive and harder to play

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