How long before the usual Amazon repertoire

How much longer do we have to wait before Amazon goes back to their roots and do what they do best… claiming innocence through ignorance, appealing to the masses saying they are only humans, apologizing for all of their poor decisions, etc? This company is a joke.

Stop apologizing. Stop doing things that make you apologize to us. Do your job right.

Yessir yessir

Did you actually get all emotional for that thread? It’s Marketing, trying to “calm” down the masses.

Did you see how responsive the CM were in that post around a week ago? It is all a strategy to make them look like they actually are present and engaging with the community with no real effect on making the game better. Muh life is hard qq

Responsive Question - Answer - Question - Answer for a couple of hours and It is all sorted.

The fk are u on about. U know what sarcasm is?

? Sarcasm what

I am ready for my 2nd animal skin.