How long can we park alts at 1445?

How long can we park alts at 1445? I’m close to getting all my alts there and was just wondering is there a point at which I need to get them higher so that i dont end up in a situation where i have to queue 10 min for a guardian raid.

well most people’s alts would be at 1445-1490 because there wouldnt be another global honing buff after 1415. At most you would hone more is when you found classes you enjoyed and decide to hone higher than 1445. Basically your second and third main alt. I say after the next content after brelshaza most people would park at 1460-1490.
However i say 1445 alts are little over the top. Most average casuals are still have alts around 1400-1415 and some at 1430. Therefore deskaluda is still pretty much revelant for a long time until ancient gear comes along.

For as long as you want/need.

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Slowly push to 1490 by Abrel to be able to do the new 1490 content and get the new materials on more than one character

You has failed if you are still there, got all my gold makers at 1490 and getting a crap load of gold

If you don’t want to do clown the most common parking spot for alts is 1472.5

Lmao, no. The difference unless you are bussing on every character is like 1k per week. You won’t even get the gold investment back for months iirc.

Well, my 4 weeks old destroyer 1477 made over 200k already only with item drops. At this point, yes it is worth

You cannot use RNG to determine how much gold they will bring back. 1445’s have almost the same rate of Relic drops.

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Well then better don’t push to 1445 and stay at 1370 because of rng

Not even sure why I’m engaging with such a disingenuous argument but obviously 1445’s make more raw gold from Legion Raids. I guess you don’t do any.

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Naaahh. 18 raids/week is not enough. I am trying to do it to 36 right now. 6 Chars for gold and 6 high lvl for fun and lopang at 1470

Get at it bro, I got faith in you. I am not sure you will have time to sleep though.

as long as you are poor to hone them further my dude

alts make money only if you park them for a long time

so a 1370 alt that you honed without buying any materials pays itself after 1-2 weeks
a 1415 pays itself after 2-3 more weeks
a 1445 pays itself after around 10 weeks because you are buying the boxes for the relic set so you are losing income from that as well

a 1460 will pay itself after 5-6 weeks
a 1475 after 5-6 weeks

THAT IS ASSUMING YOU BUY 0 materials to hone it and you aren’t buying literally anything for it like accessories and stones and books

if you buying anyting those estimates go out the window
if you’ve also noticed an alt stays around on each breakpoint accumulating shards and leapstones
so it will pay for itself along the way
but if you keep honing it it will never be net positive to your income

the idea of parking an alt is to stop honing it basically indefinitely

the most common parking spot in korea is 1445
after that it’s 1475
after that it’'s 1580 for the whales and people that play this game for a living

hone to what you want to play
don’t hone arbitrairly for efficiency sake only to burn yourself out from having to do 40 raids every week

1472.5 is wasted in my opinion. I would park them on 1460. Only do 1472.5 if you really think that you want to upgrade that character sooner or later to Clown/Brel.

Easier vykas hardmod that’s all and not hard to reach

Atleast on my Serverregion it’s also not that hard to get with 1460 into Vykas Groups. Yes sometimes gatekeeper but it’s still okay.

Not even because of random raids. Never done a hard random with all my Chars cause I won’t waste my time. Better gear-> faster 6x hard clear

Depending on how lucky you are with those free blue fusion honing powders xD (my alts are close to or at 1445, and pushing onwards using those to save bounded mats until the next honing buff). [I wouldn’t go past 1472.5, but very unlikely to reach there anytime soon with the success rate for those free mats]

until 1-3 weeks before brel, then i’ll hone them to 1490.

@stefan.ushev -

  1. why 1475? you will lose argos gold, net income would be only 1800 more (-2700+4500) - imho its better to hone to 1490 instead, because then you can choose between 3 legion raids and you have new mats

  2. why there is no spot between 1475 and 1580? can’t imagine that everyone @kr is going to 1580 directly after 1475?