How long did it take you to get your Purple Galewinds?

I was talking to my guildies and apparently I am the only one in guild to have neither the t4 nor t5 galewind rune drop. I am 1393 with 4 active alts and 3 of them in T3 and still no drops from daily guardians. I know I must be some anomaly of guardian hate but I was curious if anyone else was in the same boat. Or if you were one of the those people who got it 1st run show off and pile on the sadness!

I got them all before Argos released. I was honestly surprised I didnt notice them until I hit a skill point break point.

I believe the drop rate is about 1% or less since I have only gotten both t2 and t3’s purple galewinds after more than 100 kills across my alts in each tier.

Actually got my 2nd epic one today

I did get them very fast, I think it took me 2-3 runs after unlocking the guardians that can drop them.

I’ve had two purple Galewinds since my first character was in tier 2. I haven’t seen another purple one since. I do have 2 more blue ones though.

1405 here, still no t5 (armored nak+) purple galewind. One or two others in my guild are in the same boat as me. It’s quite perplexing, there seem to be only two situations: you either have both purple galewinds and got them very early (like within 5 or 10 armored nak runs) or you still do not have one of them. There doesn’t seem to be a lot in between.

I run at least 10-20 (and sometimes more) guardians in that set a day (carries for guildmates but also 2min armored nak runs for the rune) and it’s been a few weeks since I’ve deliberately started farming for the galewind. Don’t want to say bugged but…

“I’ve had two purple Galewinds since my first character was in tier 2” thats literally not even possible

Well it has to be. I’ve had 2 Purple Galewinds for a lot longer than I’ve been 1100 or higher. I haven’t had any Runes drop for my main since I got to Punika. The most I’ve seen is some green Runes I’ve seen on my alts.

I got mine on my 2nd run. It’s just dumb luck. Didn’t realize it’s that rare.

I think I have too. I swear I’ve had 2 purples since T2. Didn’t even know they dropped from guardians or were rare lol

that’s simply not possible. And you can’t have more than 2 because there are only 2 epic galewinds.

Don’t know what to tell you. I’ve had these since before I got to Punika and I’ve had them both since before I started seriously leveling my alts past tier 1.

Got them all at the appropriate level before moving to next tier just by doing guardian lockouts.

I have had them both for ages, I assumed they were like a 5-15% chance tbh. Didnt even think they were rare

I play alts though

Well I finally got my t4 one but my t5 is now 67 guardian kills and counting. I decided to just farm Alberhastic until it dropped. Averaged about a 4min 20sec kill and spent most of my time chasing him around that map, at least the map is small, and got it. So now onto the t5 one.

Its literally impossible to have 2 purple galewinds before your in t3. As the first drops from level 4 guardians and the second drops from level 5 guardians i.e t3. It is impossible.