How long do i need to wait before summoner comes out, been waiting since feb?

So they did not release summoner in feb as they wanted to wait for rework and release her all together. So now that it has been reworked, when are they going to release it??? The character we should had been given at the start of the game now gets delayed so long.


I agree honey but everyone just gonna flame us for asking about summoner, AGS and SG do not care to give us any info. When she comes out it will probably be with a shitty skin too. For compensation her release should literally come with the yoz jar skin in the summoner box for royals crystals. Like arcana.

Now you sir, are the only legit person who can be mad xD my condolences to you

summoner 20 January then Artist in March

i think it would be so funny if something like that would happen:
-reaper next cause assasin only 2 subclass
-earlier specialst/artist release cause “they are listening to community”
-specialist only 1 subclass so weather dude next
-by than propably femele berserker is out - player ask for new content not old one so female zerk next
-than summoner cause its the only one left

i dont say its realistic but would be funny XD
-if that would be the case release woul be 5/2023

Why would that be funny? Thats not funny at all.


Yea I feel sorry for all summoner mains. Guess stick to sorc until then (sorc is my preferred summoner)

Should come within 4 months after scouter