How long do you think this maintenance will be?

I expect at least a 10 hour absloute shi*show xD. (sorry I can’t say anything positive)

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Not gonna lie I laghed a bit at this xD. Good one.

estimated 8 hour downtime 6 more hours of unexpected downtime mainly because server mergers with new raid and new class is alot in one update

Since Its not just machinist and kakul patch as merge server is being implemented, in worse scenario full 24hrs and chances with constant maintenance this week due to stability of the merge server.

Be aware of constant maintenance this week.

Since we have enough doomer replies here

For the servers that are merging 8 hours +
For Regions/servers not merging 4-8 hours even earlier.

New release like vykas and valtan had shorter maintenance since they put the update a week before so this should be fast.

Make it 72 hours so i can take a nice break

lmfao SO 16 hour is going to be realistically like an 80 hour maintenance if we look at their record lmfao.

If we can play this week it’s already a big W

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I think these forums will be very fun if the server merges mess up in anyway to further delay XD but surely that won’t happen I mean they’ve been laying foundations for weeks right?

Got a really close call :saluting_face: :joy:

Those 16th maintenance regions are doomed lmao, I wonder how many ppl will actually quit if there are issues

Yeah, everything will go as intended for sure :slight_smile:

If I had to bet on their interns doing it, I’d put my money on 28 hours.

16 hours + ags will messing up somethings as usual it is equal min 22 hours

They will break something, and it will take one whole week to repair
Some people will lose characters and stuff too

My bet: From 24 to 48h for Merge servers.

Maybe they want make us a surprise and servers will be up in 4 hours(4 hours after 16 hours) :))

playable on friday maybe.

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