How long does it take to catch up now? For main+alts to reach brel?

I recently gotten back into the game about last month and I have a character that’s around 1400-ish while few alts crawling into 1370 thresholds. I recently gotten back into grinding since argos was released into global. I was surprised that Stronghold only supports alts getting up to 1415.

I may have missed out opportunities to join random pug progressions for legion raiding to learn on the day it was released with all the mechanics here and there but there are abundant of variety I really wanted to try as I come across through this game.

How long does it usually take to hoard and pool resources into main just to get to legion raids? I was thinking about trying to get multiple alts to getting to 1370 so I can pool all the greater leapstones into main character and saving gold without doing extra rolls from weekly. I really wanted to eventually try out the brelshaza legion raid because it looked cool but all these honing rates are more off gatekeeping than fun.

Do you think they would eventually add honing buffs for alts to get them to do legion raid as well?

brel practice mode gate 1-4 is 1430

if you are talking normal mode with 1-6 then it may take you a bit which you can go on maxroll for.

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Probably a few months, maybe 3 months.

There was already a “honing buff” kind of event which was the frog vendor, but you had to spend gold for the honing mats. It was a ton of mats that was good at pushing alts to brel range.

I like the novelty of both supportive events from both thanksgiving honing buff support and this current Christmas joytide star events where I don’t have to rely on market to buy last extra leapstones / shards.

I am thinking about just pushing for 1490ish because of the lowest ilvl requirement for barrier of entry to do Gate1+2 rather than going for 1500 or 1520. And the very early honing rate of early levels for 1490 looks appealing.

I plan to push gloves>shoulders then helmets to 20+ first then body>leggings to reach that 1490 ilvl.

My concern is the steep investment for honing later to 18+ >> 20+ honing especially honing weapons. Do you think it’s better to push to 21+ for shoulders and gloves? Or is it a better investment getting the weapon into 20+? How was your honing?

takes far too long. like an absurd amount of time honestly.


you’ll never catch up with people who kept playing but you will get your char to brel etc in some months.

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Make love to this midget and hope she doesn’t clean out your inventory, that’s what it takes to catch up

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1415 is nealry free these days honestly with the SH Buffs (if you have a main at 1460+) along with the global honing buffs to 1415. 1415 to 1490 will take a good chunk of time though. They do have an express pass to 1445 which speeds up those but expect 1415 to 1490 to take probably 2-3 months unless you burn some dough and could be a bit less if you got a supporting roster to feed the main.

tbh id just quit game not designed this way too far behind
after 1st day, 1/3 of the parties are already asking for reclears Brel 1-4
Its clown all over again

If you get left behind good luck
My new DPS thats fresh cant even get in a party finder
Had to form a static for my fresh DPS
but we know how new “statics” goes if you dont clear in 1 pull disband

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Honing is insanely rigged as always, so catching up is highly unlikely as f2p.

Probably spending the next 3-4 months playing non stop 8h/day and even then you will pity all gear and won’t be able to progress.

no its really weird like in FGC games I understand why its not worth it to join late because barrier of entry too high:

36 unique characters
Have to memorize 36 diff skill trees at least common patterns
8 way run
watch hours of footage
get ur ass handed to you especially with the brutal ranked MM (SBMM FGC folks used to it)

the massive time sink to catch up to nolife day 1 players too much hence why FGC still struggle in popularity DBZ,Tekken,SF aside. Or they die off quick like MvC 3 did and by no means was the successor to arguably the 2nd most popular fighting game shouldve died that quickly regardless what Capcom did. Guilty Gear was unexpected but Arc Systems delivers.
This community takes it to a whole new level since those communities at least give everyone a fair shot. With LOA either you are good at the raid in 1st week or get left behind. For some reason only experienced that in Asian MMOs. Eventually content gets nerf accessible to casuals so idc with these games tortoise wins but preventing a chunk of your playerbase from exp new content is hella sus. Cultural differences prob why game failed everywhere outside Korea in addition to bots. If elites want to only play with elites whales cuz the spend thousands, casuals will just move on to next game. I hear Diablo 4 ran into some probs tho.

Honestly it doesn’t matter if or when you catch up. You will be gatekept regardless by the latest community standards to even attempt content.

The only way to avoid that is by either swiping be a support main.

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take you 1.5 months if you play on 6 characters

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