How long does it usually take?

How long?

at least 1.5h

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It really depends on the server, the day and the time.

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Any plan to solve this issue this weekend? It is painful.

Sorry to derail but… Please look into the broken crystalline aura/market place/store on Una and Kharmine server.

I am :slight_smile: talking with the team now to look into it.

Thank you for responding to literally any other post than #PermaBanRMTPlayers

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Also, Mari’s shop is offline in the east servers

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Only one person :wink: currently going through the threads now. I’ll check it out. If I have anything I can say to add to the conversation, I’m happy to.


Every server atm seems to be having aura/mari’s shop issues with missing aura’s and crystals

I have seen other Community Moderators post in Game Feedback before you today.

I understand if you just hopped online for your shift, but we need some real solutions coming from the developers man.