How long does publishing agreement last?

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How long the publishing agreement lasts/when will it end?


Why does it matter and why do you care? Smilegate won’t get a new publisher for the West anyways.

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Once it dies Ncsoft or Gameforge might pick it up just so they can add a few exp boosts to the store and leave it running on life support. Nothing can ever just die with dignity while there are vultures like Ncsoft and Gameforge around.

longer than this game will last, sadly

This is not public information, but when it does end it’s possible that it will not be renewed, like with Tera which is now only published on console and by the official devs or Grand Fantasia which I’ve played for nearly 2 decades now. It’s being transferred to the original devs’ service.

I wouldn’t hold my breath, but it is certainly possible(though unlikely) that eventually, Smilegate RPG ceases to use AGS as a publisher.

Also, if the game does die, you can trust Gamigo to pick it up, they are a company that buys licenses for games that have “died” in a region and publishes it and keeps it on life support for as long as possible.

The contents/terms/period of the contract have not been made public and likely never will. Though I doubt very much that either party will be pulling out of this deal at any point in the near or distant future. AGS is basically printing free money for SGR. They really just have to provide occasional support and provide pre-packaged content updates. It’s a good deal for them.

The only scenario I can see where SGR might pull out of this deal is if AGS does something so egregious that SGR decide that they have violated the terms of their contract and decide to part ways over it. But I can’t even imagine what they would have to do in order for that to happen.

They might self-publish though. It’s the only hope

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