How low will book prices drop?

Especially this grudge bullshit, still overpriced… need to be able to get it at 5-7k per like the rest

Sad that the bots can’t farm them on mass anymore hu?

It will be so high as long as more people need it then the amount of people who sell it.

In the current game design, Grudge is the ‘one book to rule them all’. It will always be the most expensive in the long run.

grudge 15K in kr
so it will be high since its universal

on flipside, other engravings/ acc cheaper
usually you will still have to cough up least 100K gold either way
buying books or accessories

tbh i like Adrenaline more than grudge on almost all DPS classes

its the book thats used by all dps in game so it will be expensive for all of time, just buy 1-2 a week, that how most of us did it,
and yes most likely you will not have money for anything else but thats how it goes.

isn’t it gona drop to like 10k with the extended frog and brel g6?

wrong this how MOST did it:

  • At launch engraving books were dirt cheap and people that played on RU/KR server bought em up for pennies. Some Class Books like Surge used to be 2K gold. Back then people were making 42K per week on 1 toon selling selling Yoho stones so none of that the economy back then BS. Everyone was getting rich early days if you nolifed the game selling to RMTers. Around Valtan Shortly before Argos prices of Engravings skyrocket leaving only whales to afford.

  • Then botters came with Thornespire patch devs refused to fix it crashed the Grudge book market down to 5K and Class engravings consequently climbed to 10-20K gold.

  • Once Thornespire patched then the community went Ape and started charging 20K for Demonic and 30K for grudge books.

  • Then we have today Froggy release and Class engraving and Grudge books crash.

Most people quit around Argos-Valtan release and the ones that stayed bought books in down periods. The RU/KR players tried to exploit the fuck out of everyone else with those prices. Legitimate players, most that don’t even make 100K gold per week, could only afford 40 legendary books in 4-5 months at the prices before Frog. So the pick urself up by boot straps buy 2 per week is :face_vomiting: The reality is cheaters fucked up the market, RC to Gold set by AGS/SG cant compete with bots, new players are forced to pay high premiums for shit engravings. Imagine paying 20K for a low tier Demonic Impulse alt transformation budget class.

OP knows he’s getting fucked and this economy, life blood of MMOs, is precisely what pushed away a lot of players Argos-Valtan. Numbers dropped off like a cliff. Gatekeep the fuck out of people. Also sell items at 20x the premium. Why no new mokokos? Can’t you swipe?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I imagine when the twinkle event ends the prices will raise again.

Did the gold frog go away already, or next week? Anyway prices should only raise now/soon. Your grudge is soon 20k-25k. Depends on region too. Still haven’t sold mine, and I also kept the garbage the fog gave me.

Frog is still here.

There is a big move against bots that will happen on Dec 14, don’t buy until then. Prices will drop dramatically.

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Yeah looks like it’s for next week. After that prices come back about normal, unless they manage to kick out enough bots.

Removing the bots would only raise the prices on books (we already saw this when thronespire got a ilvl requirement on it and prices spiked), not lower them. Bots are NOT buying the books since you cannot resell them.

how is grudge overpriced?
it’s used in 38 builds
the next closest is kbw with 36

The reason those books are so expensive is that gold is massively inflated beyond Korean levels because of the gold printed by bots, so the gold given to players weekly from game content has less purchasing power than intended.

Fish and gems are the opposite. They will rise dramatically.

grudge in KR is like the same price, in the region of 14-16k
it’s used in most builds so you use grudge books + class

and RC/BC/Gold exchange prices are like half of KR right now.

We’re 2 years behind KR in content, and we have millions of more bots here.

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and the sky is falling
we aren’t 2 years behind KR, ie it won’t be 2024/5 when we get what they have now

and grudge has ALWAYS been expensive.

it also amazes me people cry about grudge being 16k now, back in february/march leg engraving books were selling for 40k+
I sold mayhem for 40k and grudge was going for considerably more.

The thing is that KR saw a similar jump as we did years ago at our current spot (when the honing buffs came out). This was mentioned by zeals and I believe ATK as well. Dungeon Gold desn’t change a super whole lot going forward now either. Bralshaza only adds what roughly 4k more gold per character that can run all 6 gates (otherwise she adds zero since you can’t do all 4 legion raids then). And its not like the honing buffs go any higher so the dungeon gold per roster isn’t going to change much meaning the blue crystal price wont change all THAT much going forward either despite the timeframe we have still to catch up to KR.

The Blue crystal jump was EXPECTED. I mean when you had player rosters earning on Avg 15k get BALLONED to 40k+ per week due to the honing buffs, of course BC price was going to triple to match (bots or no bots)

Really the honing buffs is the PRIME reason BC prices jumped from 600 to 2k+. Bots only affected it very minorly. If every bot was gone tomorrow, BC price would NOT go back to under 1k, it won’t happend due to the amount of gold a roster makes these days. If anything the price MIGHT drop 10% or so.