How many cards are there in the game?

does anybody know exactly how many cards there are to collect? i would like to know as i want to complete all of the card books to reap the benefits from that but i need to buy more slots.


7 for Lostwind.
7 for Light of Salvation.
7 for Either of the two with +%HP.

Seriously though, I’m missing 20 cards total of the ones you can equip.
The book sets is more like 60. A quick google says 305 total. shrugs

At least 3

Source: money shop > bottom middle [LINK] > calculating (also can be count).
Legendary: 19 cards
Epic: 75 cards
Rare: 101 Cards
Uncommon: 57 cards
Normal: 28 cards
Sum: 280 cards - 10 per line => you need 28 lines for cards at this point

  • Errors possible for cards that are TOOOOO inuque and cant get them from card set
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I checked about legendaries, I have 18 unique cards but when I search in incomplete books there is more then 1 legendary I missing but they are from future releases. I mean that number will go higher but I hope it gives you average understanding for current situation.

So I guess forget the damage reduction whilst under 50% hp card sets for mayhem berserker, huh?