How many Chaos DG is recommended after consume the 2 daily Aura? I'm T3 in all chars

I only did Chaos DG after consume the 2 daily auras a few days after Western release. I mean, after the first days of Lost Ark in West lands and hype to play Chaos DG, Chaos DG looks a waste of time activity. So I stop to play that.

Is it a bot-only feature? If not, how many Chaos DG after consuming the two daily auras is needed to be an efficient activity?

Asking because two Chaos DG is not an enjoyable activity for me. One would be enough, but well, SG does the rules. But be forced to do even more is madness. So I only want to consider it if there is a magic number that is recommended to an human player.

PS: I can say the same about two Guardian Raids… It could be only one with same resources combined

Your time is better spent on alts rather than doing the chaos dungeon more than 2 times in T3.

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I cant understand why they offer that infinity chaos DG mechanic. Only bots do that several times weekly.

It should be roster bounded and based in the number of chars that we have in the same tier…

For instance, if I have 3 chars in T3, and 2 in T2:

  • I could do 6 chaos dg daily in one or split it between my T3 chars
  • I could do 4 chaos dg daily in one or split it between my T2 chars

This approach would incentive everyone to make more T3 alts and more Chaos DG if that’s their intention with the mechanic.