How many character slots on launch?

I’m trying to plan out what classes and protentional names for alts, and was wondering how many character slots we will have access to on launch, free or purchasable? I couldn’t find any information on the NA/EU launch, but I might have just missed something, Anyone know?

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6 and purchasable through real money up to 18.
Edit: Dont forget that we maybe get gold rewards limited to 6 characters like in KR.


There goes my dream of having each individual class maxed out eventually. Though with the price of a slot being 10$ (I think?) that might have been a bit too rich for my blood anyways

Just be patient. Sometimes on events free character slots are distributed.


I know KR has 18 slots, but I saw a reddit post saying it took Japan time to get to 18 slots.

In Beta we had 3 Roster pages. So we most likely will get 18 slots.
Paying so much money on launch would be quite stupid even for names anyway.