How many characters can you play?

I am stuck at three maximum, or even two if i don’t get much time to play.

And when i say two or three i mean i play them only with rest XP.

And you guys ? How many characters can you play ?

9 currently but i’m slowing down their progression and basically only playing rested chars that are not my main

i still do lopang on all of them

I do Guardian Raids, Chaos and Unas on 3, then I have 2 more that only do Chaos and Lopang.

8 with mostly just rested. I’m probably going to drop some after I get the remaining 3 to 1340 though. It’s getting a bit unsustainable. Throwing like half of them into the Lopang-only wagie-cagie sounds real appealing.

how can you guys play 8 characters while working, doing stuff like some sport ?

chaos/guardian+lopang usually takes around 30-40 min/char

multiply that by 9 and it’s only like 5-6 hours after work

its a lot 5 - 6 hours after work :joy:

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i mean i live by myself what else am i going to do? work for 8 hours, cook 2 meals, then play games. pretty simple schedule.

you are not doing bodybuilding ? Or some kind of sport

no that’s for people who like sweating

i’m doing sport everyday, when i get back from work, i always do it before playing, because when you are sit on the computer, you will never get the motivation to do it.

i mean that’s your problem. if you make time for other activities it should be expected you have less time for gaming.

Usually when I log in I do my 3 characters (Main and two main alts), that takes anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours depending on if I take breaks, have issues finding parties, etc. Then I usually take a break log back in maybe two or three hours later, do 4 more chaos on the last two alts and their unas. I sometimes do guardians if I am bothered to on those 2 spare alts too usually only with rested bonus though. Then either I log out again or continue to play depending on how I feel.

doing some sport is good for a healthy life

I got 6 I play everyday. The best way I’ve found is to do chaos dungeons on all of them + dailies like Lopang. Then log off for the daytime, come back on at 7/8/9pm for the adventure island and finish off the characters I want to do guardian raids on. Abyss if I got time.

So essentially, 2-3 hours in the late morning/early afternoon → Get off to get work done → Back on at 7/8/9pm to finish off anything I need. I’m usually done everything by 10pm.

i’ll be running 24 once the slots are available and they actually let us buy the slots…

not necessary though

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10 chars - but my routine on all chars needs only 1.5 hr/daily. Play a lot more of course, but the minimum daily routine only takes 1.5 hr each day.

With efficient bifrost and una, less than 3 min/char for unas (wailing + nameless leapstones + shushire lopang). With main char I do some longer unas (tooki, etc). So less than 30 min/day for all alts quick unas plus another 30min for main char longer una. Total 1 hr/day for all unas.

For chaos, only do main every day. Alts cycled so only before losing rest bonus. Usually 2-3 char per day, so 6 chaos runs in roughly 30-40 min.

So for 10 chars, my daily routine tasks only take 30 min for alt unas, 30 min for chaos runs with rest bonus, and 30 min for main char longer unas lkke tooki.

Guardians are time sink so only do that when feel like it on alts. Only main char does x2 guardian every day. Abyss and argos mostly on weekends.

Do you don’t do any abyss, cube or boss rush tickets? lol

I don’t get these “hey I play 10 chars but it’s fassst” No, it isnt. You need a grind a toon of shit to first reach 1340 and after that you still have a nice amount to do.

only on wednesdays if i can’t get any boss rush for leapstones and the weekly. the rewards cube give you is awful compared to boss rush so i never do cube unless i need a 3rd weekly to do.