How many fails did you need for 1415?

Hey guys, just curious what experiences everyone has had.

It really feels like im just having to pity stack everything to 100% to progress, at 1403 I am up to 287 fails, looking for some feedback thanks.

But do u have alts? cause they share progress

Guess this is bait. You’ve been extremely lucky

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I can’t say anything anymore. I took me 3 weeks from 1400 to 1415 with last 4 upgrades being all pity only to try the weapon today from +12 to +17 with 13 tries. I`m speechless.

260 fails at 1400 (few from alts) also 3 or 4 last upgrades before 1400 were pity.

I was at 275 fails when I hit 1370.

I think I had around 300-400 after getting to 1415. Then trying to go to 1445 I easily went over 500 about 2 weeks ago after pitying 5 pieces consecutively.

Ok then im doing good because some of those fails, not many are alts but I only hone on alts with stronghold buffs and almost infinite moon blessings so its 100% to like 14-15.

Wasnt a bait post, idk why thats even a thing…like I said, when you fail it “feels” like the world has it in for you so just wanted some context, thanks.

310 when i reached 1415, but i have 4 alts at 1340, so some fails is from them, now i’m pushing to 1445 and 1370 in two alts, 120 fails later (430 in total), my main is at 1420.83, on of my alts is at 1355.83 and the other 1359.16.
I used 700 GHL yesterday and it just upgraded 7 times ‘-’, i don’t think i reached 100% artesians energy in any of the item, but i think all of them reached 60%+

I’m at 238 now with 1397 with one alt at 1356

you wanna get to 1600? pity it is, all the way…

i have 265 fails and my ilvl is 1391 but i have another t3 which is 1360 and a few t2/t1 classes and it sucks that it counts all of their fails together. so i have no idea how many fails i had on my 1391 to be sure…

I have one 1415, 1400, 1350, 1302. im at 500+ fails