How many Master/Grandmasters use Cheats?

We all know some were using swiftness cheats last season but lately no one is talking about that anymore, are they gone ? Players are being honest and stoped using cheats ?

all im gonna say is that I saw bards with suspiciously low CD on their guardian tune
in truth someone smart cheating would be undetectable for the most part, if you have skill with 20s cd and lower it to 18s nobody would be able to tell, it is what it is

Imagine the stupid things human does just to achieve an icon and ilvl. It shows that people only live for the moment and can careless about the future.

many my good sir, compare speed of casting of one and go to qp and find the same class and watch the difference

Imagine: People cheat in PvP in a PvE oriented game. How deep can you sink.

I’ve seen people cheat in pve (there wouldn’t be bots if most of us weren’t filthy cheaters)
I’ve seen people cheat in pvp (oops, can’t say anything on forums or you get deleted)
I’ve seen people cheat in singleplayer games both casually and in speedrunning.

I believe it comes down to one simple failure; these people have allowed their sense of entitlement to outweigh their honor.

“The game is bullshit! Bad RNG! Can’t climb with these teammates! Gatekeepers!! GvG pay to win!”

Whatever the excuse is, people will cheat if they consider the reward more worthwhile than the cost is detrimental. Maybe they have no honor, don’t care about the experience of others, feel like they’re getting punished for playing by the rules, or they’re actually just too dumb to understand why cheating in a video game is tantamount to playing yourself.

Two things are certain: these filthy, cheating players are only human, and Amazon is doing nothing to deter them from cheating. Food for thought I guess

I don’t know what they did to the game. But it’s much harder to cheat now. (You can notice the bots can’t teleport around/ walk faster anymore)

Most Grandmaster players (around 30 players or less in this region) know each others. Also they mostly come from similar PvP discord servers, consist of some well known players (diamond, masters etc). It’s like a small club for people with PvP hobby tbh, since this game PvP is not that popular. That being said cheater be easy to detect. Once you reach a certain skill level, you can notice change in pacing and skill animation casting time etc. Cheater will likely be called out by these players.

Plus the majority of top 100 is the same people anyway, PvP kinda dead in this season lol. So it’s like everyone in the village know each other, same people, same queue everyday.

You don’t need to cheat to reach high ranks, most of these Grandmaster/Master players have over 3-5k+ PvP games, thousand hours sinked in to PvP. Or pros from LoL, Valorant, B&S etc. That’s why they’re that good.

So far so good, I haven’t hear any accusation. Atleast for NAE and NAW regions. Although I know there are cheaters in other regions.

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