How many more t3 honing materials did we actually get?

Is it a substantial amount? Daily? Weekly?

idk but used it all today and went like 2/30 lol

For the event it looks like 200 weapon and 600 armor stones.

So 1 armor tap extra a week.

75 leaptones is good though.

ALL of them?

30 attempts eh? Do they reset weekly or daily?

for today’s gifts and weekly. haven’t done weekly raid but did 2 guardians, all the vendors, and events.

back to 2-5 a day lol xD

I didn’t count but after buying out the shop and 2 chaos dungeons and the new casual guardian - I went from 1345 to 1350 before it was all exhausted. Rewarding!

manged to upgrade 2 times, which is nice but not nearly enough to make a change.

all it did was showing how frustrating honing in t3 is even more

Enough for me to upgrade one piece of gear lol

I’m taking everyone’s advice when you have a problem with the game and quitting.

For going from 1340 to 1370, it’s a very substantial amount we got.

This is all I care about atm 1340-1370.

getting 1360 is literally free with the 20 books u get per week.

i went from 1360 to 1369 today. just with event stuff

its a good bit but i just ripped it all i was at 1350 and got to 1350.83 on 15 attempts only thing that upgraded was my gloves that i failed 6 times on yesterday out of gold and the will to go on think i should uninstall for my mental health

This is going to be best case scenario as one of the new vendors has a ranking requirement for PvP and I don’t remember how much the racing vendor used to give so I’m just going to take the full amount from that as what would be obtainable per week.

But per week best-case scenario from the vendors you get (not including honing books or the login reward):

  • 54,000 Honor Shards
  • 1590 Destruction Stones Crystals
  • 5760 Guardian Stones Crystals
  • 131 Honor Leapstones
  • 28 Great Honor Leapstones
  • 138 Solar Grace
  • 50 Solar Blessing
  • 27 Solar Protection

The amount of attempts vary based on your current gear level so it’ll be posted as a range.
Attempts Worth in Stones per week:

  • Blue/Epic Weapon: 4.2 - 11.5 attempts
  • Blue/Epic Armor: 25.2 - 70.2 attempts
  • Legendary Weapon: 1.6 - 4.4 attempts
  • Legendary Armor: 9.7 - 26.6 attempts

However it is worth noting that a sizable chunk of these mats do require a higher PvP rating than most people are likely ever going to see so overall amounts will vary from player to player and is meant to be the hypothetical maximum amount of materials you could obtain.

Also didn’t look into how much it helps T1/T2 but you’re more likely to run out of shards than you are other mats in those tiers.

That’s pretty big ngl! Congrats

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These material arent still not even close to enough, i bought everything i could get my hands on and managed to get ONE level on each piece and multiple fails. Basically now its just to wait another week to even try upgrading anything

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in the end rng strikes agian i wasted 3 tier 3 wep books now i dont have anymore gold either

You must be the luckiest person alive, i went from 1352/1355 and spent all mats and more i boght in the game shop and AH.


1370 hitted too :slight_smile:

Bough everytihng at Arkesia Grand prix (sold purple and blue books for gold → buy mats for that gold too)

Bough the t3 books from guardian raid

and then clicked… (And i was actualy unlucky. my Gloves from 14 to 15 had 96% energy in the end) :joy:

But yeah, now we need an event to get Silver!!! Transfering legendary 1340 gear to the old gear cost 100.000 silver alone :frowning: