How many of you are Fomo'ing?

Saw someone in the forum who got banned and all he said was “Dude, i couldnt do my tasks for 2 days”. Some people have real issues with Fomo…

What are your thoughts about Fomo and how do you deal with it? Do you have it yourself?

Nah the game takes too much time for me to load, I end up wanting to do something else for about the last two weeks. I just stopped and realized this game will never make me feel strong enough and went back to my other games.

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which games r u playing

I laughed so hard.
Of all the reasons you chose the loading :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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idk nothing special heroes of the storm, sniper elite 5, fortnite no build with my friends

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no build is fun, agree

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Only reason I picked up the game, really enjoying it. Very distilled BR experience. I hate attachments and inventory management and it has less than others. I’d say it’s the best BR right now because someone can’t just build a brick wall in front of you when you’re trying to shoot them anymore.

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There isn’t a point for me to fomo. There will always be someone out there with more time, more money than me. I’ve accepted that and it’s made the game a ton more enjoyable.

I play at my pace, play what i want. I’ve switched mains like 3 times already, latest switching at 1445 to another alt. I could care less about what everyone else is doing

Fomo is a pain in the ass, “forcing” to log in daily or you will lost essential stuffs, it is even worse for those like me that go in the f2p path.

For now i’m fine doing daily stuff on my main Bard and i plan also do it on the Artist when she is release, on my 4 alts i think it’s better only to do the daily content with rest bonus, being all four together in one day, or two in one day and two in another for less stress of doing it “forcelly”.

I’m completely fine on doing una’s task, rapport and weekly content on them, but only daily stuff on the alts is at least 2h per day only with them for me, that is a long ass time for daily stuff on a non-main character, i wish that we could after doing the daily on the main just claim them on alts without going through the contents.

The day that i get all the collectibles and start to feel that i’m only log in to do daily and weekly stuff over and over again i will quit, i did the same thing with BDO and Genshin Impact, just took a long ass time to noticed it. For now i’m still having fun so it’s ok.

I just won’t play another MMO in the future to avoid fomo.

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