How many of you will STAY if valtan is the update you expected it to be?

  • for me i will definitely stay if the valtan update is good, like i definitely will,

tl;dr i will stay if the update is good, if the update isnt good, i probably still will stay, but if the update is good i most definitely will stay because i love the game, how many of you will stay if the update is good? and will you stay if the update isnt good? i will stay nonetheless because i love the game so much

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What do you mean? will you stay?

I agree, i too will stay, since the valtan update is probably exactly what were looking for

People are overhype for the valtan legion raid lol.

It’s just another abyss raid but the boss got a bigger hp pool, some mech to know…

Nothing impressive.

The true hard raid are around kakul and brelshaza, everything else is easy but since we are in eu/na and most players are trash…well…you know we got vertus nerfed somehow, we got post from people asking to nerf valtan before it’s even released,

Somehow, people are still struggling with stagger check with alaric

I will keep playing no matter what,why?
Because this game got everything i ever wanted.

But the community is a pain in the ass…

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Dunno, are you feeling lucky exile?

I dont see how this update is any different then Argos release. other than the new raid, you get a new chaos dungeon level and a new character. Thats abouit it. So you learn Valtan, kill him, you’re back to doing daily shit until next week. Nothing changes.

Well theres a lot more coming than just valtan though, argos didnt include as many additions as valtan does

Same topic, different wording.

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That topic is about leaving, my topic is about staying so its complete difference

It is the exact same topic.
Here I have to answer with yes, there I have to answer with no. The topic stays the same. Maybe active at least 2 braincells before posting another thread.

I dunno where you are from but it’s a bluff to say that valtan and vykas are easy. For your first time at valtan and vykas, was it easy for you ? =D

So… What’s the point of this forum topic?

So i heard there was questioning about if you will quit if valtan update isnt what you wanted it to be, im asking will you stay if valtan update is what you wanted it to be? :smiley:

Still got stuff to do so I will be staying for sure. I just hope valtan will be challenging at least for the first clear as Argos was just a punching bag

Lol, just wait until you see valtan, he has over 160 health bars, + he has mechanics where if 1 player fails all will die and restart the 160+ health bars so good luck

You dont need to be so rude