How many t3 characters do you have?

3 now.

And few T2

Can someone Tell me why to get an alt to 1340 ? My alts are all 1310 :eyes:

Aiming to hit 1370 on at least 6 of em before new PoE league f2p until buying the new ark pass

You get access to both Oreha Normal mode dungeons at 1340 it is relatively easy to get to with the 1385 honing buff. 1370 is relatively expensive and it takes a very long time to pay that back with hard mode and Argos, leaving 1340 as the ideal budget parking spot.

Only for Gold or mass of Materials ?

6 T3 7 and 8 close behind

Rest sitting in T2 or waiting for their classes

15 total characters :sweat_smile:

All the things. Gold from both dungeons. Get more materials from the 1340 chaos dungeon. Do Igrexion instead of the super annoying Armored Nacrasena. It’s a good spot.

I have 3, But you know why I havent reached end content? Because I refuse to push a character that I dont want to main long term. I am holding off till Scouter. And Will continue to hold off while they sit and play drip feed for content games. I will forever be 1340 till then.

There are a few choice words I would love to share with Amazon and SG right now because of this, But I will remain quiet. For now.

None :joy: highest is 1100

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My highest is 1050. :slightly_smiling_face:


1 1370, 4 1340, 1 1302, 4 in t2. The friends i started with have all quit so dreading matchmaking for abyss dungeon to move past 1370

1 lol

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I’m at the place of 1345 and only got one alt to 600 yesterday. The only reason I am pushing that far is to get the honing stronghold project at 1385, because that’s worth the effort. Once I have that I’ll likely just park there and slowly build up materials/gold for whenever they unlock the class I actually want to play the most.

So, likely December or early next year if the pace we’ve seen is anything to go by. Which isn’t exactly a time pressure, ya know?

I suppose there’s that last Omnium star on Moke to care about beyond 1385, but trying to clear part 2 of Orhas normal has been nothing but failure so far. I can’t even say it’s just bad teams, because there’s a severe difficulty spike in that first boss. (Though that might be simply a matter of not having a decent T3 stone, given how much vitality is tied up in that.)

I’ve still not landed on a main because none of the classes clicked with me 100%. Been waiting for summoner. I took forward my favorites of the bunch though so have a Wardancer, Shadowhunter and Gunslinger parked at 1340.

Im at 5 t3 characters at the moment. 1400, 1340, 1340, 1325, 1325. Im at about 700 hours.

I would make more but sadly I dont really like any of the other available classes at the moment.

I have six right now,

1435 Blade, 1385 Gunslnger, 1371 Glaiv, 1358 Wardancer, 1342 Sorc, 1340 Shadowhunter.

My blade has insane luck. 1 tapped like 7 pieces getting to 1435 from 1415…including weapon twice from 15-16, 16-17. 2 Tapped 17-18.

Main at 1385. 1 alt at 1370. 2 at 1340. 3 at 1000+.

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number of t3 chars and “ready for end content” isn’t the same thing.

I doubt most people do 12 Guardian Raids a day. You can get by with just doing them every 3 days on an alt and cycling out which alts you do on what day.

12, would be 13 for LM if character slot was expandable.