How many t3 characters do you have?



Main will be 1415 this reset and last non 1370 will be 1370 after reset.

5 rn
main at 1415, 4x alts at 1340

i’m a slowpoke~


Even if every single forum poster responded with 10+ T3 chars, literally 100% of every single player on this forum, would be meaningless for measuring how many players are at or near endgame.

Don’t need exact stats for Lost Ark to know that like all modern games, the large majority of players don’t bother to ever visit much less even be aware of forums like this one.

I got 6, 5 alts at 1340 and my main at 1415.

4 atm and my 2nd almost 1400, my glaivier should be 1415 next week

For the abyssal dungeon

1403 and 5x1340

3, probably 4 if I could be bothered with Glaiver but Feiton story is too much for me -_-

10 chars. 1400,1380,1370 2x and others at 1325 or 1340

6 T3 characters at the moment. I’m working on my 7th so I can start doing 2/2/2 rest bonus rotations.

Well I happen to be pretty pro.

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this thread smells like it hasnt showered in 10 years

You must know something I dont, why do you play six times the same class? I understand you get more class jewels, but is there any other incentives ?

Can be cheap and share gems and engravings.

Bad game design as usual. Not only its more adventageous, but it is a burden to pick an alt of another class.

A dog and a cat could have made a better game than whatever Lost Ark is.

Seriously, the only reason “MOST” (Most means “not all”) people play this game is the +18 aspect. And since AGS f.d that up dramatically, the West is doomed to be populated by bots and soon only bots.

I have a 1400 and 5x 1340. Kinda regret pushing this hard because while I swim in mats, there is no real reason to hone right now. And other than leapstones they are barely worth gold either.

8 chars, all in t3.

1 1415, 1 1385, 3 1370, 3 1340 and 1 1325

Only 6

Aiming to push my 1340 paladin to 1370 next week.