How many times did you fail at honing?

post your total failure in here! apparently there’s even an achievement for failing at honing and it’s called “Rusty” lmao

how to check the amount of times you’ve failed is by pressing alt + O and press on “character” then > items then scroll down to the middle.

as for this achievement it should be called Professional Whale they misspelled it. xD

35 times and im ilvl 1330

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oh lol i nearly forgot that i even posted this. however i’m reaching 100 soon enough cause today i failed most of the attempts and only 3 succeeded out of 9. it sucks seeing all that materials disappearing so quickly. almost 1340 so close yet so far :joy:

I’m at around 165 fails

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Exactly 50 before today, ilvl1335, lots of % boost used.

Today I went 3/12 with 30% odds which checks out and got 1337.

59 failures total.

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165… that’s Brutal D:

not that bad with how terrible the RNG is. i failed +50 only in tier 2 :joy:

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i stopped honning in t3 at 168 fails its not worth 1360 ilvl

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wait what what’s your ilvl now then?

I failed 9 times total from 1093 to 1100, was stuck for 5 days.

For some reason, I rarely fail weapon honings, once at most. In all 3 tiers I had way too many destruction shards. My weapon is +9 in T3 now and I have 500 shards to spare.

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165 is pretty brutal but I think all the fails numb me into feeling any pain in T3

It’s a good mind set for the future when enhancement rates are extremely low

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lucky. my weapon is the worst thing to hone for me… failed a lot on it. same for the hat it’s cursed… i need gods luck to succeed on these 2 pieces specifically lmao

well true but sad in the same time… man that really sucks i’m getting there soon as well. but i’m not feeling like “it’s whatever” in fact it just makes me desperate. and i refuse to swipe…

I was right, 165 fails and I’m still not even 1370 yet :open_mouth:


holy shmoly… idk what to say. but my goodness that’s so bad… how unlucky. idk why but you need gods luck too. however it’s good that you resisted swiping! hang in there. it’ll get better soon xD

98 gs 1344.16

Does anyone know if that counts fails for every single character separately or it’s an overall number?

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98 only at 1344 well that’s pretty good imo. considering that it’s way worse for other’s.

that’s actually a good question. cause if it counts for all your characters would make it messy… i hope it doesn’t. but i can confirm that my numbers are only my main as i didn’t get any other character that i made to tier 2 yet. not even close to tier 2 as i don’t wanna play on alts while hating the game currently.

There’s no point to hit 1370 if the friends you play with aren’t there yet either.

MMO is all about playing with your friends in my opinion. Not to mention I’ve played RU/JP since season 1 and experienced the terrible rates a long time ago so I’m used to it.

What we have in NA atm is actually an easier version than in the past lol

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192 times to 1370.

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i agree with that too! i play it with my friends and i only do raids etc with my friends and we even jump to help people with them whenever we can. so yeah it’s really fun.

i would say that’s pretty good? cause 1370 is pain in the A$$ to reach. so failing that much is just part of the suffering. the higher up is even worse and worse… how much was your lowest success chance that you thought there’s no way it’ll succeed but it succeeded? it always feels good to succeed such an extremely low chance. after failing a bunch…

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I was just lucky to one tap weapon from +14-15. Then once everything was +14 I just spent 50kish to finish myself there.

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Gear level 1065 on my main.

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