How many times did you fail at honing?

wow +14 +15 with 1 tap? i would be so happy if that happens to me with such a low success chance. as for the 50k something you meant materials? either way that sounds like an action movie trying to reach +15 mission impossible 2. :joy:

oh lord 59 fails and only 1065? i feel you there. i failed A LOT in just tier 2… i could’ve been far ahead in tier 3 if i didn’t fail most of the time in tier 2 lmao

I’m trying to reach 1370. :eyes:

Progression so far :

iLvL 1010 : 19/2/2022

iLvL 1080 : 20/2/2022

iLvL 1100 : 28/2/2022

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that’s pretty nice! almost there :3 107 fails and 1356 is not bad imo. some people failed that much and they’re not even in tier 3 yet. :sob:

also hey why we have a title for failing but no title for succeeding honing?

Update my post added some history of my progression. :sweat_smile:

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ok well… that makes it look even better honestly. you don’t seem to have suffered as much. which is great because it sucks otherwise…

Yeah, I’m RNG Carried, and I feel I’ll get 1370 soon. :confused:

Today I made my Weapon to +14 in my second attempt (+16%) and failed one on my 15 attempts (10%) at the moment. (I’m just gambling.)

I suffered more in BDO compared to Lost Ark. :confused:

I hope AGS bring the nerf version for T1/T2 and more possibilities to gather materials for more attempt in T3. (Of course increase the success rate above +10 attempts too.)

From 10 to 14 you have 15% Success rate and for the final one it’s only 10%.

The maximum you can get is 30% if you put Solar materials and 20% for the 15 attempts.

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that’s just how it is. some people get lucky some get unlucky. RNG being RNG! as for BDO… well in BDO you lose your gear for failing so uhhh… anything is better than BDO tbh xD

honestly they should because they made us jump to tier 3 so we shouldn’t be stuck in tier 2. and should add more ways to get materials in tier 3 as well. i just do my dailies and logoff on my main at this point. but i have faith things will get better. soon hopefully.

Hopefully, they don’t make another bad decision to release content too early, there are many players who are still stuck in T2 and trying to fight this RNG.

There is only 2% in T3 and the avg are around iLvL 133X-1340
Above 1340 are just a bunch of players and 1370-1490 are only a minority.

(Oh yeah don’t forget there is still some player who are stuck in iLvL 12XX because they can’t get the last piece in Chaos Dungeon.) :rofl:

This is just my observation in Punika and doing endgame content by gear-checking everyone.

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i was lucky when it comes to chaos dungeon i got my full set in 1 run. the only thing i was lucky with is that. honing? not much. but at least i wasn’t stuck in T2 forever… also are you on my server? i saw your name in the area chat before! you in Zinnervale?

Yes, I’m in Zinnervale :stuck_out_tongue:

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eyyyyy! naicu! WinnerVale FTW

Feel free to add me in the friendlist when you’re online. :wink:

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most definitely! :heart_eyes:

Update : 23/3/2022 iLvL 1370

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holy… congrats on 1370! i wonder how many fails it’ll take me to get there. i’m still farming a lot of mats to go for so many tries… don’t wanna waste them for few tries then farm again and again i’ll just stack big and go for it.

I am 1373 atm, but this was all to get to 1370, haven’t failed since.

Edit: I Entered T3 with 68 Fails total.

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But now the fun part begins because this is where I will lose a lot of silver. :rofl:

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68 fails only to enter T3? man you’re lucky. i got way more than that! also congrats on 1373!

it’s good that you can get silver from doing anything in the game. :wink:

1377, some fails from alts <T3

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