How many used the gold glitch at launch

titile says it all…

how many honestly used the gold glitch at launch??

see this thread @Roxx.

Is it a bug though? Could that video is forged?

I don’t think anyone should worry about this, better focus on #PermaBanRMTPlayers

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not what i asked is it.

I think this is more like a distraction than a real problem, or at least one that you could not do anything about.

Let they fix that bug if there are any, doesn’t matter how may people exploit it because you will never know.

Welp we found ourselves an abuser. Seriously doe @Roxx Will y’all have anything to do about this? Gold duping is going on in the server right now.

generate free moneyz ?!?!
sign me up !

seriously though, wasn’t aware duping was a thing this early…im sure the generation of gold in game would be a immediate flag on account… but this is SG sooooo, who knows

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lol it is sg. sgs reaction to gold duping is literally what killed new world. they lost their entire playerbase after

there, opps i brought it @Roxx attention and fortunatly she will know exactly what im talking about lol, at the least she will be able to read the post,

what part of at the launch of the game, dont you children know how to read anymore…lmfao

my bad! I didnt mean you! I meant the guy replying to you, @norikazu.oshiro . My guy definitely sound like an abuser lol

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lol sorry about that, and i noticed the deflecting right away, and fixed my replies to you.
you obviously know what im talking about on launch day

A vicious bug with infinite gold coins - YouTube video proof if yall need

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lol realistically how many people know about it? You don’t know, i don’t know, OP doesn’t know. AGS doesn’t know… yet, but do you think they will share with you that number?

Asking a question that you will never know the answer, why bother? They aware of it, so let they fix it, end of story.

i wasnt actually talking about that one…

there was a npc glitch during the launch that was just dropping gold like it was raining gold… let me see if i can find that article…

at the moment, it seems a studio found a glitch and is selling it big price to bot operators

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I don’t see anything, could that he was opening gold pouches? The video quality is not the best, could it be forged to create distraction.

The problem at hand now is #PermaBanRMTPlayers first, no need more dramma before they resolve queues. Keep this in mind i guess.

The only people who think that video was forge are abuser themselves… How is the quality of video have anything to do with it? Y’all seriously think the guy who posted that video is the same with the one who currently exploiting it?

Low quality video = easier to hide edit & harder to detect, you don’t know that?

Wrong assumption.

Let them investigate, no need big fuss right now.

i cant find that article but im sure @Roxx knows what im talking about…

i searched for lost ark glitches and holy crap man, theres alot of places that would need shutdown to stop all the cheating…

it was a rapport npc right at launch that was basically giving gold away thousands at a time, because people were using the glitch and getting gold, those that knew about it.