How much did it cost for your 70, 80, 90 quality relic weapon?

To get 70 it took me about 10 tries, 2 total successful attempts (the other was like 54 or something) probably going to stop here for a long while since it’s a decent damage%.

I wasnt sure how the system worked so I did one tap on it and got 54%…looks like thats good :slight_smile:

i wish it was 375-400k for 81-90 I’m almost 400k in and still at 48

Streamer luck! :laughing:

70 wasn’t, 80 is hard, 90 is really hard, 100 is you got lucky.

You shouldnt seriously attempt to get an 80+ Q weapon at the current state of the game. If you go to Vykas at 1460ish with +16 and +17 armor at 30 quality you will get one shot by everything.

Weapon is not a priority right now

I’m way beyond that threshold. Just gamble away the savings for legendary engravings. Yes, I’m very efficient.

i got 89 right off the anvil , still hot

I have a 72 qual +21 weap and it cost me less than 10k gold

I gave up at 60%. I also made the mistake of transferring my weapon on to it. Currently aiming to just remake the weapon with the extra valtan time we now have. Never going to fall for the longterm goldsink excuse again. There is no pity for this, it’s really more of a black hole. It’s better to take my chances at starting with a <19% and going for it from there, and just breaking it apart if it only gets to 60-70%. I’ve gotten several 90%+ pieces easily this way.

12 rolls and I got my relic weap to 100.

49 quality → 20k down the drain.
Probably wasted 10k on each of the three armor pieces, 59 being the highest.

Fuck this mechanic and whoever designed it.

54 quality (succeeded 3 times starting with 2) = 90k wasted, at some point i failed 27x in a row at 16% chance.
was pissed AF but done with it for a looong time. I really wanted to just have more than 15% dmg to not feel as “downgrade” from legendary. Pretty wasted gold considering i play pala lol

this is the mother of all gold sinks (until esther)

I think u need to relearn how quality upgrade works

1 tapped my weapon from 3 to 84 quality… but i am a paladin. it was just for fun :smiley: