How much effort do you put into Character Creation?

On a sub-note from that topic… how much effort do you put into character appearance?
(Armor, skins etc) Cause I have definitely worn slightly shittier gear to keep an appearance I like.

Personally, I could spend HOURS in a character creation screen, just… creating characters/coming up with names for said character.
I’ve seen some… less than… “cared for” creations, so I was just curious what amount of effort you guys put in.

I realized I was in the WORST lighting I could find in Feiton to show off my Paladin lmfao, but let’s see those characters!

My Paladin; Uldyrius

My Deadeye; Ulvier

My Soulfirst, Nyradora

My Deathblade, Saviyara

My Berserker, Lhokvar

My “Mage” (Still waiting on if I wanna try the Arcanist or not), Zyxiana


An embarrassing amount. I wish it wasn’t so annoying to try to find names. ;n;


i click random until i find something acceptable


That breaks my heart… and I hate it even more just because I have a good friend that also does that. I just… don’t understand NOT wanting to create your character the way YOU want to.

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Like, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with the names I have for my characters…

(Ulvier, Lhokvar, Saviyara, Uldyrius, Nyradora)

But like… damn it’s almost more time-consuming coming up with a name. LOL

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Extensive with first char. Then saw how little we actually see details in game. Aside from costumes, skins etc, didn’t see much point.

So allalts afterwards was just 1 click preset

Probably a good hour as a good rule of thumb

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I really want to use the reskin and customize my character look, but what I worry is, it could screw up on different lightings, which easily happens when we dye our costumes and it looks bad in certain areas, for example Punika and Wildwater Island both are bright but different tone.

And I also worry that the look I go for won’t suit the costumes that might come later on… since I don’t want to spend to keep changing looks :frowning: hard choice to make tbh.

Currently just using the preset look from character creation and I’m looking good with my Lawmaker chestpiece :slight_smile: … though kinda envy seeing others with custom looks heh.

To add, in previous mmo’s, there would be that “this is the hair I want!” kind of thing, but here in Lost Ark, I also have to consider with clipping issues, or the hair just doesn’t look right… or almost the same… just doesn’t feel it.

Aww man, really?

Maybe I’m just weird… but I almost always zoom in on my characters, just for fun lmao.
So I always see the detail

I find that the “other lighting” options for the character creation really helps with that. Just being able to see it from a more “in-game” perspective, as well as day/night looks.

Compare to other games, LA is embarassing when come to characters customization and fashion. They gave up on so much profit.

SO much time for every character. Was really happy with how my sorc came out (and the try-on outfit is still my favorite on her)


Its hard, I re-dyed multiple times and some white are just different white in different lighting.

When you mix and match,
Chestpiece costume A - White 1
Chestpiece costume B - White 1/2/3 (trying to match with Costume A)

Both tested in dye shop lightings, all look good, in current town look good, then you enter chaos, guardian, other island or continent and suddenly… it’s off white…

Hence I just go with full black because different shades of black isn’t as noticeable as bright colors.

Also used those color tools suggested by Koreans but still off. Or my sense in color is just bad :frowning:

I LOVE IT! I was playing around with a sorceress but I think I’m going to wait for one of the newer mage classes before I actually commit, but I’m loving the design I have for her so far :slight_smile:

The try-on outfits make me happy, cause they’re all amazing and beautiful, but they also make me sad cause I have to work really hard to find/get the good ones hahaha

Looks good :smiley:

Everyone else characters look good xD I’m never satisfied with my own.

Grass is greener on the other side ahahaha.

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It definitely could be a sense of colour thing. I have a buddy of mine that’s got like… pretty severe red/green colour blindness (can’t see green worth shit), so a lot of his “colour palettes” don’t turn out how he thinks they look.

I thought his character had purple hair for the longest time (cause I would watch him play on Discord while I ran my dailies) and then I met up with him in game and BOOM. BRIGHT ASS PINK hair. He had no idea LOL

tinfoil hat on

pls say this is a hint for summoner

I just hit randomize till its something I like.

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Creating my character the way I want them is incredibly important. I spend less time on it than I used to, but there’s so many good ways to make a character so that seems ok.

Usually I spend at least 2-3x the time/effort on my main than alts, and my alts are often better looking, so that’s partly why…

As for skins, Lost Ark in unique in that…armor/weapon aesthetics are relative to other games – non-existent. The only character I’ve actually tried customizing is my Glaivier, who is my only T3 char below 1370 atm.

Hours minimum per character so far, even more time when new skins/hairstyles are released.

I bought appearance change tickets just for the new hairstyles. Aesthetics are very important to me in mmorpgs.

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