How much gold could i sell a gem roll serive? Is it legal?

Im thinking sell the service of roll gems per gold, for example, you give me a lvl 7 gem and need Surge skill from DB, i can roll that gem for you because i have a lot of silver, and you pay me with gold.
But i dont know how much gold will i sell that service? Could you give me your opinion ?

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First, yes, you have the right to do it.

It’s the same as boost, it’s a service between playing, a simple trade,

However, it’s a trade that wasn’t planned by the game, so there need to be “confidence” between both player, as you can simply take the gem, and bye.

We did that we some guildies, but i’m sorry, i don’t remember what the level of gem was.

But i guess it’ll be really hard to find the “perfect” price of gold that is equal to silver.

Silver is the most important currency in the game so… :confused:

If you really just want to use your silver that badly, the profit you can make is however much the difference is in the cheapest and whatever you end up selling it for. Some classes used to have noticable differences in pricing. Now it seems that gem prices are the only stable asset in the game. If you don’t understand why the price is equal to this method, it is simply because instead of rolling the gem, it is much easier to just sell it and purchase the one you want. You don’t really lose anything doing so. And all gems have the same value when they are used in fusion. This is why the prices are equal until lvl 10 where dmg% is worth a lot more.

depends on class and if there are no gems on market for example some classes lvl 10 gems are 10-20k diff maybe 30k diff from the best gem like surge any other skill is like lower by 10-30k gold you can charge 10k if that’s a lvl 10 gem people would rather pay 5-10k to have perfect lvl 10 gem instead of gambling/selling it and buying the perfect one but i really REALLY doubt anyone will give you his gem

Isn’t this too risky no? Like I dunno you might be honorable person who won’t just run with the gem but the customer will be very wary about giving you the gem for roll in the first place.
If this service got popular there might be scam case where the gem roller just run with the gem.

there is no might there will be scams 1000% 20k gold and if it’s level 10 gem that’s 500k gold and i doubt AGS will help you if you get scammed since “it’s your fault for giving others the item you own” same goes with being scammed by bussers

Wouldn’t risk a stranger rolling my gems. I may never see it again once it’s traded.

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I would not recommend doing that for strangers, but if you want to do it with people you know, go ahead. Make sure to stream it on discord so they know how many rolls it took.

Rolling lvl 5 gems, I can get between 200 and 500g per 100,000 silvers.

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