How much gold is available for new players now?

With tonight’s changes new players will have even less gold starting out.

How much gold will account have when they hit T3?

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Millions of gold is available, just contact Zzgerthfjs or one of his many, many friends.


I think the change could possibly unintentionally forcing new players to buy gold from RMT because the lack of gold… AGS needs to be really careful about this kind of change.

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Too soon! But funny.

just talk to your friendly gold seller he will have millions, while we will have nothing in game, or if you are a whale you’re fine.

Doubtful. There is no shot a brand new player will have gold issues because of this. They are stopping the thousands of bots making small amounts, which adds up very quickly when they have a bot farm.

If they remove it for the bots don’t they remove it for new players too?

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I guess, but you don’t really need gold early on. It’s mostly silver.

Yea it sucks and it’s probably a temporary solution, but there are a lot of ways to get gold by the time you need it.

Amazon doesnt do anything about them so at this point is it amazon pushing bots at us?