How much is the chest worth in valtan normal/hard?

I just wanted to know how much would you bid for the chest after beating valtan normal/hard mode or how much is it in general worth? I dont even know what we get from the chest

Idk about normal, but in hard mode the extra box gives you 5 more bones.

You can only craft helm and weapon from Valtan, other 4 armor pieces are from Vykas mats.

Helm is 10 bones and weapon is 25. You get 12 bones for clearing both gates, so you get your 2 piece set from Valtan in 3 weeks.

Bonus box is only for people that are too impatient and want the weapon after second week clear.

With leftover bones you can buy stone of chaos (red ball thing used for polishing and crafting gear, it’s 500g each or x5 bones) and Valtan emoticon pack which is 35 bones lmao.

Its depend on the set with my sorc i can craft 3 pieces with valtan bones

Oh really? I just looked at my set. I’m a paladin using yearning and it’s helm+weapon from Valtan.